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Movie Title Length Format
4 by Agnes Varda DVD
La Pointe Courte 80:00  
Cleo from 5-7 89:00  
Le Bonheur 80:00  
Vagabond 105:00  
8 Women 111:00 DVD
Amelie (DVD) 122 minutes DVD
Au Revoir Les Enfants 101:00 DVD
Beaches of Agnes 110:00 DVD
Breathless 90:00 DVD
Cet Amour-La 95:00 DVD
Clockmaker 105.00 DVD
Elevator to the Gallows 92:00 DVD
Eleven Centuries of French Literature DVD
Eric Rohmer's Six Moral Tales DVD
The Bakery Girl of Monceau  
Suzanne's Career  
My Night at Maud's  
La Collectionneuse  
Claire's Knee  
Love in the Afternoon  
Femmes Aux Yeux Ouverts (Women with Open Eyes) 52:00 DVD
Forbidden Games 85:00 DVD
French Revolution (DVD) DVD
French Twist 100:00 DVD
Grand Illusion 114:00 DVD
Hamsun 154:00 DVD
Hiroshima Mon Amour 90:00 DVD
Into Great Silence (French w/Eng. Subtitles) 162:00 DVD
It All Started Today (DVD) DVD
Jules & Jim 105:00 DVD
L'Atalante 87:00 DVD
Last Year at Marienbad 94:00 DVD
Le Silence de la Mer 83:00 DVD
Life and Nothing But (DVD) 135:00 DVD
M. Hulot's Holiday 87:00 DVD
Man Escaped 100:00 DVD
Marie Antoinette 123:00 DVD
Marie Antoinette: The Tragic Queen 50:00 DVD
Rules of the Game 106:00 DVD
Story of Women (DVD) 108:00 DVD
The Clockmaker (DVD) 105:00 DVD
To Be and To Have 104:00 DVD
Triplets of Belleville 81:00 DVD


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