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Movie Title Length Format
400 Blows 99:00 DVD
About a Boy (DVD) 102 minutes DVD
About Schmidt 124:00 DVD
Adirondacks 120:00 DVD
Ambassador 93:00 DVD
American Casino 89:00 DVD
An Ideal Husband 98:00 DVD
Angels in America 352:00 DVD
Anne Frank Remembered 117:00 DVD
Apocalypse Now Redux 202:00 DVD
Art:21 7.5 hours DVD
Art:21 Season 6 4 hours DVD
Batman 126:00 DVD
Battleship Potemkin (DVD) 74 minutes DVD
Bestiaire 72:00 DVD
Beyond the Da Vinci Code 90:00 DVD
Birth of a Nation (DVD) 187 minutes DVD
Bounty 130:00 DVD
Brokeback Mountain 135:00 DVD
Brotherhood of the Wolf (DVD) 155 minutes DVD
Cabaret 124:00 DVD
Casanova 111:00 DVD
Chan is Missing 80:00 DVD
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory 115:00 DVD
Cherry Orchard 137:00 DVD
Chinese Cracker: Making of The Peony Pavilion 53:00 DVD
City of Life 116:00 DVD
Copyright Criminals 53:00 DVD
Corporation (DVD) 145:00 DVD
Cradle Will Rock 134:00 DVD
Crash 122:00 DVD
Crucible (VHS & DVD) 123 minutes VHS & DVD
Dark Knight 153:00 DVD
Dave (on DVD with The American President) 110:00 DVD
DaVinci Code 149:00 DVD
Death of a Salesman (Cobb) 120:00 DVD
Death of a Salesman (Hoffman) 136:00 DVD
Definition of Language 35:00 DVD
Dick Cavett Show (Ray Charles Collection) 3 hours 30 minutes DVD
Do the Right Thing 120 minutes DVD
Do You Speak American? 60:00 each DVD
Down South  
Out West  
Up North  
Doctor Faustus 93 minutes DVD
Doll's House w/Claire Bloom 95:00 DVD
Educating Rita 111 minutes VHS & DVD
Elizabeth DVD
Enchanted 107:00 DVD
Fight Club 139:00 DVD
Finding Forrester 136:00 DVD
Flower Island (DVD) 115 minutes DVD
Forbidden Hollywood DVD
Red-Headed Woman 79:00  
Waterloo Bridge 81:00  
Baby Face Original Theatrical Version 72:00  
Baby Face Restored Prelease Version 76:00  
Gawain and the Green Knight 90 minutes DVD
Girl with a Pearl Earring 100:00 DVD
Giulio Cesare (DVD) 207:00 DVD
Glass Menagerie 134:00 DVD
Graduate 106:00 DVD
Grass 71:00 DVD
Great Debaters (Denzel Washington) 124:00 DVD
Hamlet (David Tennant & Patrick Stewart) DVD
Hamlet (Ethan Hawke) 113:00 DVD
Heaven & Hearth 140:00 DVD
Hidden People of China 26:00 DVD
His Girl Friday 92 minutes VHS & DVD
Holy Land Hardball DVD
I Have Found It (Kandukondain Kandukondain) 150:00 DVD
In Search of Shakespeare (DVD) 240 minutes DVD
Jazz DVD
Our Language  
The True Welcome  
Swing: Pure Pleasure  
Swinig:The Velocity of Celebration  
Dedicated to Chaos  
The Adventure  
A Masterpiece By Midnight  
Jeanne and the Perfect Guy (DVD) 98 minutes DVD
Kandukondain Kandukondain (see: I Have Found It) 150:00 DVD
Karate Kid 127:00 DVD
King Tut Secrets Revealed 50:00 DVD
Koyaanisqatsi (DVD) 87 minutes DVD
Lady Day: The Many Faces of Billie Holiday (DVD) 60:00 DVD
Lawrence of Arabia 217:00 DVD
Lilja 4-Ever 104:00 DVD
Lost Prince 179:00 DVD
Loving Walter 128:00 DVD
Luis Vargas: Santo Domingo Blues 75:00 DVD
Macbeth (Patrick Stewart) 180:00 DVD
Macbeth (Sam Worthington) 110:00 DVD
Man With the Movie Camera 68:00 DVD
Mary Tyler Moore (Season 1) 612:00 DVD
Maya Lin 83:00 DVD
Maya Lin: A Strong Clear Vision 83:00 DVD
MicroCosmos 75:00 DVD
Midsummer Night''s Dream (DVD) 120:00 DVD
Moliere 120:00 DVD
Muppets Christmas 56:00 DVD
My Classic Life as an Artist: A Portrait of Larry Bissonnette 21:00 DVD
Nang Nok (DVD) 101 minutes DVD
Night of the Iguana 117:00 DVD
No Boundaries (Peter Matthiessen) 57:00 DVD
No Country for Old Men 122:00 DVD
Oedipus Rex (VHS & DVD) 90 minutes VHS & DVD
Oliver Twist 130:00 DVD
Orfeo ed Euridice (DVD) 84:00 DVD
Othello (Laurence Fishburne) (DVD) 123 minutes DVD
Out of Place: Memories of Edward Said 114:00 DVD
Outsourced 103:00 DVD
Philadelphia 125:00 DVD
Photograph, The 98:00 DVD
Pilgrimages of Euope 60:00 DVD
Platoon 120:00 DVD
Pride & Prejudice 129:00 DVD
Publishing Short Stories 91:00 DVD
Raisin in the Sun 128:00 DVD
Rasin in the Sun 128:00 DVD
Remember the Titans 114:00 VHS & DVD
Rocking Hose Winner 91:00 DVD
Roots (DVD) 573 minutes DVD
Salt of the Earth (DVD) 94 minutes DVD
Scarlet Letter 135:00 DVD
Shakespeare's Globe 50:00 DVD
Shameless: The Art of Disability 49:00 DVD
Sherlock Holmes 128:00 DVD
Sita Sings the Blues 82:00 DVD
Snow white & The Huntsman 128:00 DVD
So Close to Paradise (DVD) 90:00 DVD
Some Like It Hot 124:00 DVD
Spellbound 97:00 DVD
Super 8 111:00 DVD
Suzhou River (DVD) 83:00 DVD
The American President 115:00 DVD
The Cell 107:00 DVD
The Dark Knight Rises 165:00 DVD
The Fighter 115:00 DVD
The Fountain 96:00 DVD
The Miracle Worker 106:00 DVD
Their Eyes Were Watching God 113:00 DVD
Third Ward TX 56:00 DVD
Titus 162:00 DVD
Travellers and Magicians 108:00 DVD
Trifles 21:00 DVD
Troy 162:00 DVD
Try Another Way 28:00 DVD
Tudors - Season 1 (on 4 DVDs) 9 hrs 16 min. DVD
Twelve Angry Men (Henry Fonda) (DVD) 96 minutes DVD
University of Laughs (in Japanese) DVD
Wit (DVD) 90 minutes DVD
Witchcraft Through the Ages (DVD) 104 minutes DVD
Wizard of Oz 101:00 DVD
XY Factor 50:00 DVD


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