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Movie Title Length Format
Adventures of Rocky & Bullwinkle VHS
Brain Sex 50 minutes each VHS
#1: Sugar and Spice  
#2: Anything You Can Do, I Can Do Better  
#3: Love, Love Me Do  
Brain Sex #3: Love, Love Me Do 50 minutes VHS
Brother’s Keeper 105 minutes VHS
Buddhism: Footprint of the Buddha - India 52:00 VHS
Closer Look at the Institutional Ethics Committee 1985 VHS
Dangerous Liaisons VHS
Dead Man Walking VHS
Devil's Advocate VHS
Ethics and the Deficit 7/94 (PBS) 60 minutes VHS
Ethics in America 60 minutes each VHS
1. Do Unto Others  
2. To Defend a Killer  
3. Public Trust, Private Interests  
4. Does Doctor Know Best?  
5. Anatomy of a Corporate  
6. Under Orders, Under Fire Pt. 1  
7. Under Orders, Under Fire Pt. 2  
8. Truth on Trial  
9. The Human Experiment  
10. Politics, Privacy & The Press  
Extreme Measures VHS
Kidnapped by UFOs (NOVA) 60:00 VHS
No More Privacy (All About You) 59 minutes VHS
Renaissance: The Prince 55 minutes VHS
Renaissance: The Scientist 55 minutes VHS
Risky Business 99 minutes VHS
Secrets of the Psychics (NOVA) 60 minutes VHS
Star Trek: Measure of a Man 46 minutes VHS


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