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Movie Title Length Format
10 Commandments of Communicating with People with Disabilities 26:00 VHS & DVD
Alive Day Memories: Home From Iraq 57:00 DVD
Autism is a World 39:50 DVD
Autism: The Child Who Couldn't Play 46:00 DVD
Autism: The Musical 93:00 DVD
Brilliant Madness 60:00 DVD
Bullied: A Student, a School and a Case that Made History 40:00 DVD
Business of Being Born 84:00 DVD
Clockwork Genes: Discoveries in Biological Time DVD
Code Gary: Ethical Delimmas in Nursing 26:00 DVD
Coma 102:00 DVD
Darius Goes West 94:00 DVD
Doctor 123:00 DVD
Door to Door 91:00 DVD
Dying to be Thin 60:00 DVD
Fast Food Survival Guide 22:00 DVD
First Do No Harm 94:00 DVD
Food, Inc. 94:00 DVD
In the Womb 89:00 DVD
Inside Out: Endless Questions 26:40 DVD
Iris 19:00 DVD
Juno 96:00 DVD
Juno (Copy 2) 96:00 DVD
Karate Kid 127:00 DVD
Keeper of the Kohn 65:00 DVD
Keys to Success in SCI Training DVD
Life is for the Living 62:00 DVD
Life's Greatest Miracle 60:00 DVD
Lorenzo's Oil 136:00 DVD
Lost Prince 179:00 DVD
Loving Walter 128:00 DVD
Meaning From Data: Statistics Made Clear (24 Lectures) 30:00 ea DVD
Measuring Up: An Introduction to Research Methods DVD
Mind in Motion 52:00 DVD
Miracle of Life 60:00 DVD
Murderball 86:00 DVD
Ordinary People 124:00 DVD
Phantom Limb 28:00 DVD
Philadelphia 125:00 DVD
Qualitative Research: Methods in the Social Sciences 21:00 DVD
Quantitative Research: Methods in the Social Sciences 20:00 DVD
Research Design: The Experiment 21:00 DVD
Research Paper Made Easy: From Assignment to Completion 55:00 DVD
Research Process: Research Design (Power Point) 21:00 DVD
Scientific Method 25:00 DVD
Sea Inside 125:00 DVD
Secondhand Lions 110:00 DVD
Sex Determination: The Meaning o Sex: Genes & Gender DVD
Sicko 123:00 DVD
Successfully Parenting Your Baby with Special Needs 57:06 DVD
Tell Me Something I Don't Know (College Binge Drinking) 24:00 DVD
Temple Grandin 109:00 DVD
Ten Things Every Child Needs for the Best Start in Life 60:00 DVD
The Baby Human Part 1 150:00 DVD
The Baby Human Part 2 155:00 DVD
The Miracle Worker 106:00 DVD
Touchpoints 132:00 DVD
Unnatural Causes 4 Hours DVD
West 47th Street 83:00 DVD
Woman With Half a Body 60:00 DVD
Wretches & Jabberers 94:00 DVD


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