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10 Days that Unexpectedly Changed America DVD
Massacre at Mystic; Shays' Rebellion; Gold Rush; Antietam 184:00  
The Hometead Strike; Murder at the Fair: Assassination of McKinley; Scopes: Battle Over America's Soul 138:00  
Einstein's Letter; When America Was Rocked; Freedom Summer 138:00  
30 Days 80:00 DVD
A Film Unfinished 90:00 DVD
Adirondacks 120:00 DVD
African American Lives 240:00 DVD
Aging in America: The Years Ahead 56:00 DVD
Alexander the Great 60:00 DVD
Alive Day Memories: Home From Iraq 57:00 DVD
Ambassador 93:00 DVD
Amen 130:00 DVD
America at a Crossroads: Faith Without Fear 60:00 DVD
America at a Crossroads: Homegrown: Islam in Prison 60:00 DVD
America at a Crossroads: Security Versus Liberty: The Other War 60:00 DVD
America at a Crossroads:The Muslim Americans 60:00 DVD
American Experience: The Pill 60:00 DVD
American History X 119:00 DVD
American Revolutioin 100:00 DVD
Andrew Carnegie and the Age of Steel 50:00 DVD
Anne Frank Remembered 117:00 DVD
Apocalypse Now Redux 202:00 DVD
Apocalypto 138:00 DVD
Apollo Moon Landing 72:00 DVD
Aztec Empire 50:00 DVD
Bandit Queen 119:00 DVD
Before the Fall (Napola) 110:00 DVD
Black Cat, White Cat (PAL) 135:00 DVD
Black Robe 101:00 DVD
Book of the Dead 70:00 DVD
Bounty 130:00 DVD
Bowling for Columbine 120:00 DVD
Boys Don't Cry 116:00 DVD
Bridgeman 141:00 DVD
Brokeback Mountain 135:00 DVD
Business of Being Born 84:00 DVD
Business of Fancydancing 103:00 DVD
But I'm a Cheerleader 86:00 DVD
Cabaret 124:00 DVD
Cabaret 124:00 DVD
California's Lost Tribers 55:00 DVD
Cats of Mirikitani 53:30 DVD
Chac: The Rain God 94:00 DVD
Children of Chabannes 93:00 DVD
Chimpanzee 78:00 DVD
China's Lost Girls (DVD) 40:00 DVD
Chocolate Country 30:00 DVD
City of Life 116:00 DVD
Civil War Series 11 hours DVD
Class Apart: A Mexican American Civil Rights Story 60:00 DVD
Closer Walk 85:00 DVD
Cold War (CNN) - The Complete Series 6 DVDS 50 min. each part each DVD
Comrades: 1917-1945; Iron Curtain: 1945-1947; Marshall Plan: 1947-1952; Berlin: 19458-1949  
Korea: 1949-1953; Reds: 1947-1953; After Stalin: 1953-1956; Sputnik: 1949-1961  
The Wall: 1958-1963; Cuba: 1959-1962; Vietnam: 1954-1968; MAO: 1960-1972  
Make Love Not War: The 1960s; Red Spring: The 1960s; China: 1949-1972; Detente; 1969-1975  
GoodGuys, Bad Guys:1967-1978; Backyard: 1954-1990; Freeze: 1977-1981; Soldiers of God 1975-1988  
Spies: 1944-1994; Star Wars: 1980-1988; The Wall Comes Down: 1989; Conclusion: 1989-1991  
Colonial House (DVD) 8 hours on 2 DVDs DVD
Conquest of America 180:00 DVD
Crisis in Iran: Death of the Shah 50:00 DVD
Crusades 200:00 DVD
Crusades DVD
Pilgrims in Arms & Jerusalem 100;00  
Jihad & Destruction 100:00  
Darfur Diaries 55:00 DVD
Daughter from Danang (DVD) 83:00 DVD
Day the Universe Changed: Factory & Marketplace Revolution 54:00 DVD
Dead Man Walking 122:00 DVD
Death of Mr. Lazarescu 153:00 DVD
Decisive Battles: Birth of the Roman Empire 25:00 DVD
Decisive Battles: Cannae 25:00 DVD
Decisive Battles: Gaugamela 25:00 DVD
Decisive Battles: Hail Caesar! 25:00 DVD
Decisive Battles: Marathon 25:00 DVD
Decisive Battles: Ramsas II 25:00 DVD
Decisive Battles: Termopylae 26:00 DVD
Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge 179:00 DVD
Discovering Ardi 120:00 DVD
Doctor 123:00 DVD
Downfall (German w/Eng. Subtitle) 155:00 DVD
Dreamkeeper (DVD) 180:00 DVD
Dreamworlds 3 54:00 DVD
Drums Along the Mohawk 104:00 DVD
Egalite for All: Toussaint Louverture and the Haitian Revolution 60:00 DVD
Eyes on the Prize on 3 DVDs 360:00 DVD
Faces of the Enemy DVD
Fast Runner 161:00 DVD
Fateless 140:00 DVD
Femmes Aux Yeux Ouverts (Women with Open Eyes) 52:00 DVD
Fight Club 139:00 DVD
Film Unfinished 90:00 DVD
First Do No Harm 94:00 DVD
Fly Girls 56:00 DVD
Flyers in Search of a Dream 60:00 DVD
Forgotten War: The Struggle for North America 56:00 DVD
Founding Brothers 200:00 DVD
Freedom Writers 122:00 DVD
Frontline: The Madoff Affair 60:00 DVD
Gangs of New York 167:00 DVD
Genius of Charles Darwin 139:00 DVD
Ghosts of Abu Ghraib 78:00 DVD
Global Villages: The Globalization of Ethnic Display 59:00 DVD
Glory 124:00 DVD
God Grew Tired of Us 90:00 DVD
God's Warriors DVD
Jewish Warriors  
Muslim Warriors  
Christian Warriors  
Gods Must Be Crazy DVD
Part I 109:00  
Part II 98:00  
Gone With the Wind 238:00 DVD
Good Hair 95:00 DVD
Greece: Secrets of the Past 45:00 DVD
Greeks: Crucible of Civilization 140:00 DVD
Green Mile 188:00 DVD
Guns, Germs and Steel 165:00 DVD
Hamsun 154:00 DVD
Head-On (German w/English Subtitles) 118:00 DVD
Hearts & Minds 112:00 DVD
Heaven Will Protect the Working Girl 30:00 DVD
Hedwig and the Angry Inch 91 DVD
Hero's Journey (Joseph Campbell) 57:00 DVD
Hidden People of China 26:00 DVD
History of Christianity 180:00 DVD
Hitler: A Career 135:00 DVD
Holy Land Hardball DVD
Hotel Rwanda 122:00 DVD
How to Start a Revolution 87:00 DVD
Human Family Tree (National Geographic) 96:00 DVD
I Was Born, But...(SEE SILENT OZU) (Japanese w/Eng. Subtitles) 90:00 DVD
In Search of History: Rome's Glorious Cities 50:00 DVD
In the Land of the War Canoes 43:00 DVD
Inside Out: Endless Questions 26:40 DVD
Inside Pol Pot's Secret Prison 50:00 DVD
Iran-Contra Scandal 50:00 DVD
Irish in America 100:00 DVD
Jewish Americans 6 hours DVD
John Adams 501:00 DVD
Juno 96:00 DVD
Juno (Copy 2) 96:00 DVD
Kamikaze Girls 103:00 DVD
Key Constitutional Concepts DVD
Kikujiro 116:00 DVD
King of Masks 101:00 DVD
King Tut Secrets Revealed 50:00 DVD
Krippendorf's Tribe 94:00 DVD
Kwaidan (Japanese w/Engllish subtitles) 161:00 DVD
Latcho Drom - PAL 97:00 DVD
Lawrence of Arabia 217:00 DVD
Liberty: The American Revolution 360:00 DVD
Life of Buddha 140:00 DVD
Little Big Man 139:00 DVD
Living with New York Black Bears 60:00 DVD
Loose Change Final Cut 128:00 DVD
Lorenzo's Oil 136:00 DVD
Lost Prince 179:00 DVD
Luther 124:00 DVD
Mahatma Gandhi: Pilgrim of Peace 50:00 DVD
Malcolm X 202:00 DVD
Mandate: The President and the People DVD
Marcus Garvey: Look for Me in the Whirlwind 90:00 DVD
Margaret Mead: Taking Note 60:00 DVD
Marie Antoinette 123:00 DVD
Marie Antoinette: The Tragic Queen 50:00 DVD
Massachusetts 54th Colored Infantry (American Experience) 56:00 DVD
Maya Lin 83:00 DVD
Maya Lin: A Strong Clear Vision 83:00 DVD
Meaning From Data: Statistics Made Clear (24 Lectures) 30:00 ea DVD
Measuring Up: An Introduction to Research Methods DVD
Modern Marvels: Doomsday Tech 1 50:00 DVD
Modern Marvels: More Doomsday Tech 50:00 DVD
Modern Marvels: Panama Canal 50:00 DVD
Moliere 120:00 DVD
Molly Maquires 124:00 DVD
Monster's Ball 112:00 DVD
Moscow on the Hudson 117:00 DVD
Mummies and the wonders of Ancient Egypt 200:00 DVD
Munich 2 hrs. 45 min. DVD
Nacht fiel uber Gotenhafen (in German w/German subtitles) 94:00 DVD
Narcotic Farm 55:00 DVD
National Parks: America's Best Idea DVD
Scripture of Nature - 1851-1890 116:00  
The Last Refuge - 1890-1915 131:00  
The Empire of Grandeur - 1915-1919 114:00  
Going Home - 1920-1933 117:00  
Great Nature - 1933 - 1945 116:00  
The Morning of Creation - 1946-1980 116:00  
Nature: Gorilla King DVD
Nuremberg Trials 60:00 DVD
Objects and Memory 62:00 DVD
Ogre 117:00 DVD
One Day in September 97:00 DVD
One Woman, One Vote 106 minutes DVD
Ordinary People 124:00 DVD
Our Constitution: A Conversation DVD
Ourselves, Our Bodies: The Feminist Movement and the Battle Over Abortion 50:00 DVD
Outsourced 103:00 DVD
Paper Clips 84:00 DVD
Paradise Bent 50:00 DVD
Passing Fancy (SEE: SILENT OZU) (Japanese w/Eng. subtitles) 100:00 DVD
Philadelphia 125:00 DVD
Platoon 120:00 DVD
Playing Unfair: The Media Image of the Female Athlete 30:00 DVD
Pow Wow Highway 87:00 DVD
Precious 109:00 DVD
Priscilla: Queen of the Desert 103:00 DVD
Qualitative Research: Methods in the Social Sciences 21:00 DVD
Rabbit-Proof Fence 94:00 DVD
Raccoon & Crawfish (with Book) 11:26 DVD
Racism: A History: The Color of Money: Colonialism and the Slave Trade 50:00 DVD
Ran 160:00 DVD
Real Scorpion King 100:00 DVD
Red Beard (Japanese w/English Subtitles) 185:00 DVD
Research Design: The Experiment 21:00 DVD
Research Paper Made Easy: From Assignment to Completion 55:00 DVD
Research Process: Research Design (Power Point) 21:00 DVD
Revolution: Revisited 115:00 DVD
Right Stuff 193:00 DVD
Rise and Fall of the Spartans 200:00 DVD
River Runs Through It 124:00 DVD
Rome: Engineering an Empire 100:00 DVD
Roots 573:00 DVD
Roots (DVD) 573 minutes DVD
Rosenstrasse 136:00 DVD
Saturday Night Fever 118:00 DVD
Save Our History: Voices of Civil Rights 50:00 DVD
Saving Face 97:00 DVD
Schindler's List 3 hours 16 min. DVD
Scientific Method 25:00 DVD
Searchers 119:00 DVD
Shake Hands With the Devil 91:00 DVD
Shaman's Apprentice 54:00 DVD
Skins 87:00 DVD
Slave Island: New York's Hidden History 49:00 DVD
Slavery and the Making of America 60:00 each DVD
The Downward Spiral  
Liberty in the Air  
Seeds of Destruction  
The Challenge of Freedom  
Sleepy Hollow 105:00 DVD
Smoke Signals 89:00 DVD
Smoke Signals 89:00 DVD
Snow white & The Huntsman 128:00 DVD
Sophie Scholl 117:00 DVD
South of the Border 78:00 DVD
Spanish American War: Birth of a Superpower 100:00 DVD
Spartans 180:00 DVD
Spellbound 97:00 DVD
Split Horn: Life of a Hmong Shaman in America 56:00 DVD
Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter and Spring (Korean w/English Subtitles) 102:00 DVD
St. Patrick: Apostle of Ireland 46:00 DVD
States of Unbelonging 63:00 DVD
Stonewall 99:00 DVD
Sunshine (Eng. Subtitles) 180:00 DVD
Tampopo (Japanese w/English Subtitles) 114:00 DVD
Taste of Fish 116:00 DVD
The Battle of Algiers 121:00 DVD
The French Revolution (History Channel) 100:00 DVD
Thelma & Louise 129:00 DVD
Thin 102:00 DVD
Third Generation (German w/English Subtitles) 127:00 DVD
Time Team America: Fort Raleigh, NC 56:00 DVD
Time Team America: Topper, SC 56:00 DVD
To Live (DVD) 133 minutes DVD
To Wong Foo, Tahnks for Everything Julie Newmar 109:00 DVD
Tokyo Chorus (SEE: SILENT OZU) (Japanese w/Eng. Subtitles) 90:00 DVD
TR (Theodore Roosevelt) 225:00 DVD
Traces of the Trade (w/Public Performance Rights) 86:00 DVD
Triumph of the Will 120:00 DVD
Troy 162:00 DVD
True Story of Alexander the Great 150:00 DVD
Under the Bombs 98:00 DVD
Understanding Race 52:00 DVD
Unforgotten: Twenty-Five Years After Willowbrook 57:00 DVD
Up South 30:00 DVD
War Don Don 85:00 DVD
War of 1812 280:00 DVD
War Tapes 97:00 DVD
War That Made America 240:00 DVD
We Shall Remain 90:00 each DVD
Wounded Knee  
Tecumseh's Vision  
Trail of Tears  
After the Mayflower  
Welcome to Amish America 55:00 DVD
Whale Rider (DVD) 101:00 DVD
Where Do You Stand? Stories From an American Mill 60:00 DVD
Why We Fight (Frank Capra's WWII) DVD
Preluce to War 52:00  
The Nazis Strike 41:00  
Divide & Conquer 56:00  
Battle of Britain 52:00  
Battle of Russia 82:00  
Battle of China 62:00  
War Comes To America 65:00  
The Negro Soldier 40:00  
Wild West Tech: Civil War in the West 50:00 DVD
Wild West Tech: Native American Tech 50:00 DVD
Wings of Defeat 53:00 DVD
Wizard of Oz 101:00 DVD
World Without Fathers or Husbands 52:00 DVD
Xiu Xiu (The Sent Down Girl) (DVD) 100 minutes DVD
XY Factor 50:00 DVD
Yo Soy Boricua 85:00 DVD
Yojimbo (DVD) 110 minutes DVD
Zen Buddhism (Korean w/Engish Subtitles) 62:00 DVD


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