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Directions to Gordon Science Center

Directions from 90 – Thruway --- Large Version of Map

Directions to Gordon Science Center

Exit at Exit 31. Ramp will take you North on Genessee Street (under the Thruway). Get in Left Lane after passing under Thruway as you will be turning Left on River Road soon after passing under the Thruway. Turn Left on River Road. River Road Parallels Thruway headed West. You will be turning Left onto 8/12 South at an intersection (where there is a WalMart). 8/12 is known locally as “the arterial.” Follow 8/12 South across Utica Marsh (scenic) and then through several traffic lights in an area with lots of old mills/factories (less scenic, but easiest).

After passing these traffic lights, the exit for Utica College (Burrstone Road) will exit Right. The exit will take you to Burrstone Road where you will turn Left, so get in the left lane as you are exiting the highway. Turn Left on Burrstone and immediately get into the Right lane and you will see a Right Exit leading to the Burrstone

Entrance to the college. Go to the stop sign and turn left. Go a few feet to the next stop sign, turn Left and you should see a parking lot to your right. Turn into this lot and immediately on your right should be several Visitor parking spaces where you can park. If these are full, just park anywhere in this lot and we’ll get you fixed up when you come in.

Walk toward the Burrstone Entrance to the college that you just drove past and go in the main entrance (this is White Hall, #1 on Map below). Turn Left on entering the building and walk to the end of the Hall where there’s a little coffee/snack stand. This is BIO Row (the hallway leading from the snack stand to room 167, Donahue Auditorium) and a good place to meet your student or faculty contact person. There is an exhibit about the history and career of Asa Gray across the hall by room 197. If you have trouble finding us,  just ask anyone. The room numbers on our campus are unique and sequential so if you get turned around you should be able to find your way easily.


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