Divisional-Level Academic Affairs Effectiveness Assessment
Academics at Utica College

Division Level Institutional Effectiveness Assessment

The division-level operational goals are developed by the Provost’s cabinet at the annual retreat.  Division-level academic assessment is but one of many campus-based division assessments that serve the institution-level of decision making and institutional effectiveness.

Direct Measures

The Office of Academic Affairs implements numerous assessments of the academic programs (instructional and non-instructional) and operational processes at the College.  


Each Academic Affairs report is completed on an annual or semester basis, as warranted.

 Collecting the data and sharing the results

The Office of Academic Affairs gathers the data needed for the reports.  Progress towards the divisional goals is tracked in the Academic Affairs Goals Progress Report.
The results are sent to the various offices that utilize the results for planning and reporting purposes, and/or the results are posted internally for the campus to view.

 Closing the Loop

The Provost’s Cabinet uses the report data to annually update goal progress, as well as progress made on Strategic Plan initiatives.  This is documented in a report that is sent to the College President. Each summer a retreat is held to review all areas of the College and their progress on operational goals as they relate to the Strategic Plan.  The President’s Cabinet reviews the results during the retreat with the goal of developing and articulating Institutional Priorities for the coming year.

 Linked to Budget

The Provost’s office uses the Academic Affairs data, the Strategic Plan, and Institutional Priorities to support budget requests. The college budget committee is responsible for documenting the use of assessment results linked to budget decisions and resource allocations.

Sustaining the Process 

This process is sustained as part of the Institutional Assessment Plan.  The Associate Provost works with various areas of Academic Affairs to ensure the data is collected and the reports are shared as scheduled.

Academic Affairs Divisional Goals From Previous Years

Goals 2001 - 2002
Goals 2002 - 2003
Goals 2003 - 2004
Goals 2004 - 2005
Goals 2005 - 2006
Goals 2006 - 2007
Goals 2007 - 2008
Goals 2008 - 2009
Goals 2009 - 2010
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John H. Johnsen, Ph.D.
Provost and Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs

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