Major in Risk Management and Insurance

Major in Risk Management and Insurance

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You’re a practical thinker and decision maker. You enjoy working as part of a team to solve problems, and you perform well under pressure. Risk management and insurance may be the major for you.


people employed by the insurance industry in 2011

Why UC?

Utica College's risk management and insurance program offers intensive skills development in this very specialized and sought-after management area, preparing you for a broad range of highly profitable career path options in an increasingly dynamic corporate marketplace. Part of UC's Business and Economics department, the risk management and insurance major offers students the opportunity to work with the industry's most current tools and practices and learn from the experienced professionals on our faculty.

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What You’ll Learn

The risk management and insurance major focuses on principles and relating to risk measurement, mitigation, and management, with emphasis on: analytic thinking, quantitative analysis, team building, and innovative problem solving. Addressing risk through measurement and management reduces uncertainty that corporations, individuals, and small businesses are confronted with. Along with the quantitative aspects of risk evaluation, the curriculum instills a commitment to principles of ethics and social responsibility.

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There is a Risk Management concentration in Utica College's management major.

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A Degree that Works

A thorough understanding of risk management is a valuable asset in all fields of business. RMI graduates may choose career options in insurance including claims, underwriting, and customer representatives. Careers in risk management and portfolio analysis or financial planning are also possibilities. For students with an interest in a specialized sector of insurance or health care they may be interested in health care administration. Entrepreneurial ventures benefit from sound risk management policies. There are numerous applications for the quantitative and qualitative skills that are included in this major.

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Entry-level salaries for account executives at Risk Management firms can run as high as $100,000 per annum for highly qualified candidates.

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