Military Service Policies
Veterans and Active Military

Military Service Policies

There are several federal policies concerning what colleges need to do for students who are in the military. Central to those policies are the need to hold student harmless for changes in their life circumstances that are as a result of their military service.


A student who is deployed, or must step away due to other military service mid- semester (for instance) must be given the option to withdraw without penalty if reasonable accommodations cannot be made. If the student can be accommodated without compromising the quality of the course then this is the preferred method.

The determination of whether or not a reasonable accommodation is possible is the faculty member’s. If a reasonable accommodation cannot be made, students are advised to drop coursework and register at a later date.


A student who is deployed, or must step away due to other military service mid- semester, for instance, cannot incur debts. It is the responsibility of the student to follow-up with his or her financial service counselor both pre and post deployment to ensure accountability.

Steps For Deploying Student Veterans

If you are a student who must step away from your studies at Utica College due to a military obligation, please follow these steps:

  1. Coordinate with your course instructors to determine if reasonable accommodations can be made due to your absence. If reasonable accommodations cannot be made, you must drop the applicable course(s) via the Registrar's Office (for campus students), or contact the Office of Online and Extended Studies (for online students).
  2. Coordinate with your Student Financial Services counselor both pre and post deployment. Explain to them that you are being deployed and cannot incur debts associated with your absence.
  3. Coordinate with the Registrar's Office (all students) by notifying them of your pending absence. By doing so, you are ensured that your status as a student accurately reflects your absence. A copy of your military orders may need to be provided.
  4. When you return from your absence, please coordinate with the above offices to ensure that you are ready to resume your studies at UC.


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