Smoking Policy
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Smoking Policy

As we learn more about the harmful effects of involuntary smoking, public interest in non-smoking rules grows. There has been an increasing amount of new legislation on tobacco products and their use. Utica College has established the following guidelines regarding smoking on the UC campus:
  • Smoking is prohibited in all indoor areas that are open to the public, including classrooms, computing facilities, laboratories, seminar and conference rooms, auditoriums, athletic facilities, restrooms, elevators, food preparation and consumption areas, and all lounges. In addition, no smoking is permitted in any student, faculty, or staff office.

  • Smoking is permitted outside all buildings, except in front of Addison-Miller-White Hall, where air intake vents are located on the outside walls.

Additional information about smoking on the Utica College campus can be found in the Student Handbook. To request a copy of the Handbook, please call the Office of Student Affairs at (315) 792-3100.



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