The Student Health Center

(315) 792-3094
(315)792-3700 (Fax)

Student Health Center

Located on the second floor of Strebel Center, Utica College's Student Health Center strives to meet students' needs during illness and injury, and promotes optimum health and wellness. Care is available to all students who complete a HEALTH FORM upon admission. (You must also complete and return an Immunization Form by July 1.) Students are encouraged to schedule appointments. Service is free unless otherwise noted.

All contact with the Student Health Center is strictly confidential. Medical information is released only with students' written permission. Students are responsible for notifying their instructors of absences caused by illness or injury. See the Absences section of the student handbook or catalog for information regarding class absences.

For medical record or immunization record request print and fax/mail the medical release form to the Student Health Center

Health Center Services


Care of minor acute illness and common health problems

  • First Aid
  • Emergency Contraceptive Pills ($20 charge)
  • Respiratory infections
  • Gynecological and urinary tract infections
  • Gastrointestinal infections
  • Skin problems
  • Health counseling
  • Health maintenance
  • Health education
  • Physical exams for affiliations or program, no sport physicals. ($60.00 charge) Does not include labwork.
  • Allergy injections
  • Medications are provided when possible for illness diagnosed in Student Health Center ($5 charge)
  • Laboratory
    No charge for urine pregnancy tests, mono tests, rapid strep screens and urinalysis done in the office.
  • All other lab work is collected in office but sent to an outside lab at the student's expense.
  •  Seasonal Flu vaccine   

  • On campus counseling information: click here

Referrals for:

  • Specialty care
  • Psychological/counseling Services
  • Dental Care