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Letters of Recommendation

Students may ask faculty or staff to write letters of recommendation for a variety of reasons, including employment and internships opportunities or graduate school admissions.  For assistance with letter guidelines, format, and content, the National Association of Colleges and Employers offers information and samples.

Faculty or staff writing a letter of recommendation for a student's Credential File* are asked to use Career Services' Letter of Recommendation Form, available by clicking here.  All confidential letters must be sent to the Office of Career Services by the faculty or staff member, not the student requesting the letter. 

Letters may be sent to Career Services in any of the following ways:

1.  Type, print, and sign the letter and send to Career Services by mail, inter-campus mail, or in-person.

2.  Type and insert your signature electronically and send to Career Services by e-mail.  If you are a frequent letter writer and would like us to help you create an electronic signature, call or stop by Career Services for assistance. 

*Please communicate first with the student to ensure he/she has opened a Credential File with Career Services before sending a letter of recommendation.