Student Activities Fee
Student Activities

The Student Activities Fee at Utica College

Where it comes from:

All full-time undergraduate students and students in selected graduate programs are charged a student activities fee of $60.00 per semester. The activities fee is not charged during the winter session or summer session. The projected fees charged result in an operating budget of $245,000 for the 2010-2011 fiscal year.

How it is allocated:

Authority – One of the purposes of the Student Senate, as stated in the Constitution, is to “allocate the Student Activities Fee Fund in a fair and unbiased manner.”
Budget development process – The Student Senate Finance Committee and the full Student Senate develop a proposed budget in the spring semester for the following academic year. This budget is usually approved at the final full meeting of the outgoing Student Senate in the spring. This is then submitted to the College President for his endorsement, and budget accounts are then established for the following year in accordance with this budget.
Role of the Student Senate Finance Committee (excerpted from Student Senate Constitution):
  • The purpose of the Finance Committee is to allocate the funding received through the collection of the Student Activities Fee.
  • In the case of allocations for the amount of $100 or less, the Finance Committee shall be the only approving body. They will report such allocations to the Senate general assembly at its next meeting.
  • The Finance Committee shall be responsible for making sure that all proposals meet the criteria, set forth by the Committee, before being brought before the Senate.
  • The members of the Finance Committee shall include the Comptroller, Treasurer, Secretary, two (2) elected and two (2) appointed representatives.
Role of the Student Senate Comptroller – The Comptroller is the chief financial officer of the Student Senate, chairs the Finance Committee, keep records of all financial actions by the Senate and clubs using funds from the student activities fee, and is responsible for regulating the use of the student activities fee.
Procedures – The Student Senate Finance Committee Constitutional Supplement, approved by the Student Senate in April 2006, and updated in March 2010, is provided as a packet to student organization officers and their advisors. It outlines the role of the Finance Committee, how to receive funds, proposal criteria, funding stipulations (limitations), traditional events funding procedures, funding request forms, special forms for conference or educational trip funding, the role of the Student Senate in reviewing and approving allocations, and necessary paperwork to generate purchase orders, checks, etc.

Where it goes:

Student Senate Operating Budget for 2010-2011
Major Categories of Funding

Student Senate sponsored special events & productions costs (includes Leadership Weekend, Student Senate office administrative costs, & shuttle van expenses) 22,080
Student leadership stipends (10)13,920
Programming Board (9 committees)118,000
Residence Hall Association10,000
Inter-Greek Council7,000
Finance Committee (for club funding)25,976
Finance Committee – Traditional Events - 4 organizations:
     Black Student Union – Kwanzaa Dinner
     Womyn’s Resource Center – Womyn’s Herstory Month Luncheon & Starting
     Spring Safely
     V-Day Committee – Vagina Monologues
     Chi Beta Sigma – Air band
Student Professional Travel (allocated to students through the Faculty Resources Committee) 9,000
Legacy (Yearbook) 26,800
Art Gallery Programs 3,200
TOTAL $ 245,000


Courtney Witherspoon
Senate President

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(315) 792-3006
1600 Burrstone Road | Utica, NY 13502