Economic Crime Investigation

A student who completes this program will demonstrate the following either orally and/or in writing:

1. Identify the primary components of economic crime detection, investigation and prevention.

2. Understand and discuss criminology theories explaining the causation of economic and white collar crime.

3. Understand and discuss accounting principles as they apply to fraud examinations and investigations.

4. Identify the key economic crime and criminal typologies as they apply to characteristics of specific economic crime acts.

5. Prepare an original empirical research project contributing to the body of knowledge of a select component of financial investigation, public official corruption or white collar crime.

6. Apply criminal law and regulations related to fraud in public and private sector organizations.

7. Understand and discuss the impact of the development and implementation of private and public sector ethics programs on the prevention of economic crime.

8. Understand and explain the role of technological advances on the field of economic crime investigation.


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