Graduates will:

  1. Acquire excellent education and training in order to become candidates for a variety of roles, including chemical industry employees, teachers, applicants to graduate, medical, and other professional schools, or professionals in many other fields.
  2. Become independent learners in chemistry who are confident in their abilities
  3. Develop the skills of clear and effective written and oral communication.
  4. Develop competence to:
    1. Keep legible and complete experimental records;
    2. Synthesize and characterize inorganic and organic compounds;
    3. Perform accurate and precise quantitative measurements;
    4. Use and understand modern instruments;
    5. Interpret experimental results and draw reasonable conclusions;
    6. Analyze data statistically and assess reliability of results;
    7. Anticipate, recognize, and respond properly to hazards of chemical manipulations;
    8. Design experiments;
    9. Plan and execute experiments based on searching and using the literature;
    10. Communicate effectively through oral and written reports; and
    11. Work effectively in small groups and teams.


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