Q: Do I need to bring my laptop? 

A: Yes. There are assignments during the residency that you'll be required to complete. Your laptop must have Microsoft Word installed. Please also bring your laptop power cord and an ethernet cable.

Q: Microsoft or Mac?

A: Microsoft Windows is recommended, but not required. You can use Mac OS for your coursework; Firefox for Mac is recommended as a browser.

Q: I cannot see my course in Angel, why? 

A: Chances are you have a past-due balance from previous courses, or you have not completed and/or sent Utica College notification of your financial aid award (including loan counseling and the MPN). 

If you have completed all of these steps, please call the Office of Student Financial Services - Ms. Caryn Snitchler (Last names A-Le) at (315) 792-3213, or Ms. Anne Patterson (Last names Li-Z) at (315) 792-4400.

Q: Is printing available at the residency? 

A: Per request basis.

Q: Who do I call if I have questions?

A: Ms. Krisha Gentsch, Success Coach for the PPtDPT program. Krisha can be reached at:  (315) 792-3001, or



Residencies in Utica only.

Q: Will I have time to go to the bookstore? 

A: Yes. There is time scheduled during the residency. Bookstore hours: Thursday & Friday - 9 to 5. It is recommended that you order books online ahead of time if choosing to pick them up during the residency.

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