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Frequently Asked Questions

PPtDPT Residency

Q: Do I need to bring my laptop?

A: Yes. There are assignments during the residency that you'll be required to complete. Your laptop must have Microsoft Word installed. Please also bring your laptop power cord and an ethernet cable.

Q: Microsoft or Mac?

A: Microsoft Windows is recommended, but not required. You can use Mac OS for your coursework; Firefox for Mac is recommended as a browser.

Q: I cannot see my course in ENGAGE, why?

A: Chances are you have a past-due balance from previous courses, or you have not completed and/or sent Utica College notification of your financial aid award (including loan counseling and the MPN). If you completed all of these steps, please call please call Student Financial Services (SFS) with any questions about your financial account. See below for your SFS Counselor’s contact information.

Last names:   A-Lh

Wendy Stevens

Last names:   Li-Z

Michael Blehar

Q: Is printing available at the residency?

A: Per request basis.

Q: Am I responsible for paying for travel expenses such as flight, hotel, and car rental?

A: Yes, travel expenses are the responsibility of the student.

Q: What is the recommended airport and hotel? Will there be discounted hotel rooms reserved?

A: See the "Location, Directions, Lodging and Travel" tab on the residency website.

Q: How do I register for the residency?

A: You must register yourself in Bannerweb for your initial courses – PHT 701 and PHT 712 - along with the co-requisite Residency practice course, PHT 995. There is a $500 fee for the residency practice course, PHT 995. Contact your Admissions Manager for assistance with registration. 

Note: You may be able to use financial aid to pay for the residency course, PHT 995. Speak with the Student Financial Services (SFS) office for more information.

Q: Will meals be provided?

A: Breakfast and lunch will be provided each day of the residency. Dinner is not provided each day.

Q: What time does the residency begin and end each day?

A: See the "Schedule of Events" tab on the residency website for the exact start and end times each day of the residency. You are required to stay for the duration of the residency – there are no exceptions. Please plan your arrival and departure airfare accordingly.

Q: Will I earn CEUs from residency attendance?
A: No, Continuing Education Units (CEUs) are not earned from attending residency. However, you have the possibility of earning CEUs with each successfully completed course in the tDPT program.


Q: What is the dress code for the residency?

A: Business casual

Q: What do I need to do to prepare for the residency?

A: Register for the residency (PHT 995) and your required courses, PHT 701 and 712. Tuition payment is due one week prior to the first day of class. Make your travel arrangements. You must bring a laptop to the residency for hands-on virtual classroom exercises. You will need Microsoft Office software on your laptop for the residency and your required courses. You do not need to bring your textbooks. Bring business cards for networking if possible, but not required. Continue to check your UC student email for updates.

Contact your Admissions Manager, John Hahn, with any questions about the residency or travel arrangements. Contact John at or (866) 295-3106 ext. 8892556.

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