Constructing Her Future: Taylor Paine '17

Constructing Her Future: Taylor Paine '17

CM major talks internships, experience, and the "perfect fit" job offer

A Utica College education is more than a transformative four years—it's a clear pathway to future success. UC grads go on to successful careers in today's top fields. For Taylor Paine '17, discovering her passion for construction management in UC's nationally accredited program helped her find independence and a "perfect fit" job offer months before graduation. 

Who: Taylor Paine ’17, Construction Management major
Major Decisions: My dad was a project manager in the construction industry for 25 years, and his job had always interested me. I knew I wanted a career that didn’t revolve around being an office all day. I grew up on a farm, so I love being outside. I like the idea of wearing suits and going to meetings with clients, but then I get to go be out on a job site. I didn’t realize there were four-year construction management programs out there. When I discovered UC’s program, I knew it would be a great fit for me.
My UC Experience: I’m a small atmosphere person, and I loved how the CM major seemed like a community. The professors are amazing, too. Meeting Professor Dubbelde honestly changed my life. He pushes you to be hardworking, professional, and the best version of yourself. He runs his classes like a workplace; there’s a strict dress code, and you have to be early for everything. He helped me become more independent.

"Professor Dubbelde pushes you to be hardworking, professional, and the best version of yourself. "

Career Ready: In the fall of 2016, I went to the career fair on campus, and I struck up a conversation with the representative from CSArch, a design firm in Albany. He liked my resume since I had lots of internship experience, and later gave me a call to set up an interview. We had a great conversation about my career goals, and everyone in the office was welcoming and warm. I was offered a full-time position as a construction site representative, starting in June. I’m so excited to get started.
A Global Network: The alumni community among the construction management program is amazing. I can name every CM senior from last year, and I know I can call any of them for advice. We have alumni return constantly to help mentor students. When I was looking for an internship, Dr. Dubbelde gave me a list of CM alums who work at companies all over the country. That’s how I landed my first internship with The Pike Company in Rochester. Utica College grads are always willing to help each other out and help foster the CM program.

 "The alumni community among the construction management program is amazing."

Advice for Future Construction Management Majors: I won’t sugar coat it— it won’t be easy! The classes are hard work, and the professors expect a lot from you. But if you stick with it, it will pay off in a huge way for the rest of your life. You can’t beat a 100 percent job placement rate.

Learn more about Utica College's Construction Management Program here. 



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