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The Green Roof at SyracuseCoE
Date(s) 11/01/2013 - 2:15 p.m.
Location Willard Conference Room, DePerno Hall
Presenter Dimitar Todorov, M.S.C.E., Assistant Professor of Construction Management
Description Vegetated roofs have been implemented to mitigate unintended outcomes from the urbanization process. They reduce the heat island effect, contribute to stormwater runoff reduction, offer opportunities for water harvesting, localized retention, evapotranspiration, and re-use practices, and ultimately reduce water-embodied energy. The vegetated roofs offer an opportunity to enhance the built environment and provide a socially responsible alternative to the traditional infrastructure. They reduce or eliminate the requirements for construction of storm water pollution prevention measures such as stormwater retention tanks. Professor Todorov will present the qualitative and quantitative results from a series of storm events at the vegetated roof at SyracuseCoE. He will contrast the results to urban wet and bulk precipitation, and compare the quality effects to a parallel study of the vegetated roof at King and King Architects.

Nexus is a seminar series presented by Utica College faculty in which they discuss their research interests and scholarly pursuits. It is an opportunity for participants to explore new findings and viewpoints and share ideas with faculty, students, and the local community.
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