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Computer vision -- a precursor of things to come
Date(s) 02/07/2014 - 2:15 p.m.
Location Willard Conference Room, DePerno Hall
Presenter Ron LaBella, M.S., Associate Professor of Computer Science
Description Computer vision -- a precursor of things to come

The field of study called “Computer Vision” had its genesis in the late 1950’s.  The ultimate goal is to have computers analyze a scene in much the same way humans do.  That is, computers will determine what information resides in a given scene and what implications that information may have. In this talk, Professor LaBella will introduce the basic concepts and techniques used in computer vision and provide examples of the present state of the field.  Much of what will be discussed may have direct implications for each of us in the not so distant future.

Nexus is a seminar series presented by Utica College faculty in which they discuss their research interests and scholarly pursuits. It is an opportunity for participants to explore new findings and viewpoints and share ideas with faculty, students, and the local community.
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