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Journeys to Individual Voices: Caribbean Artists in America

Journeys to Individual Voices Caribbean Artists in America Artists: Juan Cruz and Abisay Puentes Opening Reception Saturday April 6, 4 – 7 pm Journeys to Individual Voices is the art and stories of two artists of differing Caribbean nations, their artistic journeys and life experiences, and how each share a closeness in friendship. An understanding of how they arrived at their individual artistic voices after their journeys to the USA. Both live with choices and freedoms of self-expression. Each has learned from formal education and teaching masters. Each has learned from their struggles, explorations, and challenges in the world and themselves becoming the artist they wanted to be. The gradual growth from representational realism in Juan Cruz’s drawings and paintings speak in a highly individualized voice of abstraction of people and events in life around him. Abisay Puentes speaks in a personal style of realistic representation about the abstract non-tangible ways of human cruelty one to another, and the struggles to understand such conditions. Juan Alberto Cruz, of Puerto Rico and the USA, settled permanently in Syracuse and now lives and works as a full time artist. He also serves in the development and advancement of the Syracuse ‘near Westside’ neighborhood. Abisay Puentes immigrated to Syracuse from Cuba as a political refugee and works as a full-time artist. Both create powerful images rich in personal visual language where elements shape and colorize their concerns and understanding of our shared human condition. For as much as they share in life, their works stand uniquely, their own—as compliment and in contrast. The growth over time of each is shared in their paintings as individual works, series, and new directions with dimension, sound and careful orchestrations. The artists emotions and passions are captured and felt by viewers drawn into the rich colors and shapes on canvas. Immigration opened doors for both for unrestricted personal expression and a place to be at home and grow. Barrett Gallery is located in the lower level of the Library Concourse, central to campus.
2:15 p.m (refreshments), 2:30 p.m. (talk)
New Developments in Magic Squares

In this presentation, some brand new ideas will be discussed. The magic squares I'm discussing are all homemade with many amazing and interesting properties. Of course you don’t need a mathematics background to follow and understand my talk. Just come and join us and have fun. (Because math is fun.) About Nexus: Nexus is a seminar series presented by Utica College faculty members, in which they discuss their research interests and scholarly pursuits. It is an opportunity for participants to explore new findings and viewpoints and share ideas with faculty, students, and the local community. All lectures are held in Willard Conference Room, DePerno Hall. Refreshments are served at 2:15 p.m.; seminars begin at 2:30 p.m. Call (315) 792-3028 for more information.


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