Permanent Collection of Henry DiSpirito Works
Utica College Campus

UC's Permanent Collection of Henry DiSpirito Works

All photos taken by Robert Chalmers '01

**Denotes gift by the artist

Addison Miller White Administration Building

Bust of Asa Gray (cast stone marble, silica, sand and cement)**

Abstract Mosaic
Abstract Mosaic

-- Along with "Bust of Asa Gray," both pieces were done in DiSpirito's studio. Students helped with the casting of Asa Gray. These works are located in the courtyard of Gordon Science Center. **

Fish (Granite)

--Located in the Admissions Office. **


The Badger (fieldstone) -- Located in the Greenhouse Garden. **

Frank E. Gannett Memorial Library

The First Lesson (carved from part of a willow tree) -- the artist's intent with this piece was to show the bonding of mother and child.

The Book of Knowledge (granite) -- A gift of the class of 1959 and memorial to Ralph Strebel, dean of Utica College from 1947-1959.

Dodging the Wind (apple wood) -- The artist dedicated this piece to all the students at Utica College who brave the winter winds on campus to receive their education. The dedication was made in 1982. **

James Dwight Dana (plaster)
James Dwight Dana

-- A sculpture of the famous geologist from the Utica area.

Abstract Bird [Maternal] and Snake (fieldstones) -- These pieces are located near the pool area in the atrium of the Library Concourse. **

Across the Seas (oil on canvas, 1921) -- Gift of Mr. Geoffrey A. Hampton and Dr. William Hampton.

Ralph F. Strebel Student Center

The display case outside the artist's former studio shows various media he worked with: stone, wood, plaster, clay, oil and water color paints. These works are on loan to the College by the artist's daughters.

The Pioneer (pink granite)
The Pioneer

 -- Commissioned by Dean Ralph Strebel.

The Crab (crab stone reproduction) -- Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs and Dean of Students. Gift of Mrs. William Palmer.

Harold T. Clark Jr. Athletic Center

The Athlete [The Basketball Player] (carved from a piece of elm tree in the open field across from the Library)
The Athlete

-- Students were invited to help carve this piece. Gift of the Class of 1970.

Rocco F. DePerno Hall

The Owl (wood) -- Located in the Office of the President.**

The Turtle (cast stone reproduction) -- Located in the Office of the Vice President of Academic Affairs and Dean of Faculty. Gift of Mrs. William Palmer. **

The Unfinished Tiger (pink granite, 1971)
Unfinished Tiger

-- Located on the lawn of DePerno Hall. **

Library Concourse (Oil on Board, circa 1970)**
Library Concourse

Head Study (granite), Skunk (red sandstone), Tiny (fieldstone) -- Gifts of Dr. Ferdinand D'Esopo.
Head Study

Lizard (cast stone reproduction) -- located in the office of the Vice President of Academic Affairs and Dean of Faculty. Gift of Mrs. William Palmer.

The Works of Henry DiSpirito
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