Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer Opportunities

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Volunteering at Utica College reconnects you to the family you became a part of the minute you decided to become a student here. Volunteer possibilities are endless - from networking to fund raising - every second that you spend giving back helps your alma mater provide a greater quality of service to the students and surrounding community.

We're looking to alumni to help with various tasks explained below.

Furthermore, we're seeking regional volunteers to plan activities and events in various cities around the country. Help us bring the UC connection to your part of the world.

For more information

Please contact the Office of Alumni and Parent Relations at (800) 456-8278 or (315) 792-3025, or e-mail alumni@utica.edu.

Pioneer Career Network

This network gives current students an opportunity to learn about a career field from someone with experience in that industry, get a handle on what skills are critical for success, and glean effective job search information. Many opportunities are available to you to help our eager students. You may wish to host a student for an internship, participate in a networking event, provide a resume critique or simply take a student to lunch. The possibilities are endless and the rewards are invaluable. Utica College students are excited about "connecting" with successful alumni like you! It is a win-win situation. They learn first-hand from you and you have the opportunity to give back to your alma mater.

Alumni Guest Speaker's Bureau

Focuses on bringing alumni back to campus during the semester to speak with students in the classroom. Alumni will have the opportunity to speak to students currently majoring in your expertise, offering guidance, suggestions, and advice. Current students will learn about the career success of Utica College alumni. It will also help students learn what to expect in the professional world while allowing them the opportunity to make important personal contacts within their chosen (or potential) career fields.

Alumni Regional Events and Networking Socials

Help plan and/or host activities for current students and/or alumni in your geographic location. (i.e. trips, dinners, social events, etc.)

E-mail Buddy Program

Exchange your e-mail address with a current student studying in your major (or is considering your major) and become pen pals. It gives you the opportunity to share experiences at UC and in the real world with them.

Young Scholars Liberty Partnerships Program

Spend some time tutoring middle and high school students in all subject areas.

National Alumni Council

The National Alumni Council (NAC) is the governing body of the Utica College Alumni Association. The NAC is comprised of 27 members who serve a 3-year term. Each member serves on at least one standing committee: Undergraduate Relations, Events and Activities, Marketing and Research, NAC Organizational. The NAC meets on campus twice per year; once during homecoming weekend in the fall and once during the spring semester in April.

The National Alumni Council has shown a great deal of growth and leadership in recent years and in order to keep the momentum going, we're looking for new ideas and fresh faces to participate in our planning and brainstorming sessions.

Utica College Admissions Network

The purpose of the Utica College Admissions Network (UCAN) is to support the admissions effort by connecting Utica College alumni with prospective students through college fairs, personal letters, phone calls, and special events. Through this program we hope to increase our visibility and communication with prospective, applied, and accepted students within our geographical and recruitment area, and other areas around the world. It is also very rewarding for alumni to contribute to their alma mater through a volunteer program, which will have a direct impact on UC's future by recruiting students for today.

Affinity Group Reunions

Were you involved in an affinity group when you were at UC (fraternity, sorority, specific class, athletic team, major, student club) that you would like to plan a reunion for? Opportunities are available during the fall alumni weekend or at other times during the year. The Office of Alumni and Parent Relations can help you plan your event and help contact other alumni.

Alumni Weekend

Assist in brainstorming sessions to schedule events for the annual alumni weekend held during the fall on the Utica College campus. Or help plan your class reunion and invite all your former classmates back to campus for a walk down memory lane.


Office of Alumni and Parent Relations

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