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American Heritage Wood Engravings 1840-1900 Exhibit

The American Wood engravings stand unique from the purpose, process and culture of its origin in Western Europe.

The age of the Illustrated newsprint and magazines ushered in artistic and technological change to the commercial and fine art form of Wood Engraving. The USA’s social, political, legal, economic and military roles and actions were recorded and illustrated by the many artist-correspondents of America between 1840 and the first of the 20th Century. The artist, drawing and hand-rendered prints gave us the realisms and perceptions before photographic technology existed and was mature in speed to capture life as it happened. A survey of notable Wood Engravings by Remington, Nast, Davis, Homer, Eytinge and Waud represent and reflect this era of commercial and fine art, and journalism in America ‘s development as a nation.

The collection is on loan from Professor Jay Williams of Hamilton College.

[This exhibit has information/educational text-boards for the viewers]

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