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ASDN Tuition and Fees



What is total cost of program? 

Total cost of program is $49,876.00



What is the cost per semester – charges on my account? 


Each semester your account will show these charges on your account.

                        Tuition - $12,168.75

                        Fees              300.00

                                      $12,468.75 *



What are the COVERED COSTS under tuition and fees?


1.     Uniforms:

(1)   One pair of scrubs

2.      Original Photo ID badge

3.      Drug Textbook

4.      Kaplan Testing

5.      Fees:

Technology Fee

Graduation Fee

Student Activity fees

Malpractice Fees

Lab fees


What costs are NOT COVERED?


            *Health Insurance (required to carry)



              Living and Personal Expenses


*Health insurance is required to carry.  Utica College will charge your account to ensure the requirement.  If you carry your own health insurance, this charge can be waived at