Take The Wheel 

Take The Wheel.

If you’re expecting your college experience to be a smooth ride to success, hang on tight. UC is putting you in the driver’s seat.

You will find yourself very much in control of your academic direction from your first semester on campus. And while UC professors are masters at teaching you how to think, they never tell you what to think. Whether you’re planning a research project, writing an article, or starting an organization, it’s your thing – take it where you want it to go.

The same principle applies outside of the classroom. At the stage when undergraduate biology students at larger institutions are often washing test tubes, UC students are presenting their own work at academic conferences. Discover student experiences - click hereAnd when you opt for a professional internship, you will typically find yourself in a position where you are actually making a difference… instead of just making copies.

Not that you’re on your own. We’re there to give you all the support and guidance you need. But like the best driving instructors, we want you to get a good feel for what you’re doing. That way, when you pull out of here on Commencement day, you’ll be more than ready for the road ahead.

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