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Meet Daniel Shanley II

Daniel Shanley
Daniel Shanley

Daniel Shanley II

Senior Assistant Director of Admissions
Phone Number: 315-792-3006

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New York Counties




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Advice to Students

Dream Big, Think Small! Work toward your goals in small steps, but be sure that you are always making progress on at least one. When working through the admissions process, take a step back and try to imagine how the colleges you are deciding between ultimately will help you move to the next step. Choose the school that gets you there while providing the most opportunity for academic and social growth. Go at it with a plan, but welcome new ideas and interests. It is OK to try new things!

Advice to Parents

Whether it is your first time or your sixth going through the college admissions process, keep the big picture in mind. A school might not meet every item on your must-have list, but it is important to take into account what it can offer to help both you and your child grow toward your larger respective goals. College is an investment, and a safe one at that, but any investment must be carefully considered. Look at the long term value of a particular school rather than its sticker price.

What's the Best Thing About UC?

It’s the people. It is the people on campus that teach your classes, and teach you to think, wonder, and question. It is the people in offices that go out of their way to answer your questions. It is the people you meet as classmates and strangers that become close friends. And it is the people in the community around UC that come to support its students and its mission. I was a student here, and am lucky to be a part of the “people” I had come to laugh with, confide in, and learn from.


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