Search Committee Charter
Presidential Search

Presidential Search Committee Charter


April 10, 2015

This Search Committee has been created and activated by the Utica College Board of Trustees for the purpose of conducting a nationwide search for Utica College’s 9th President. The Committee will remain active for the duration of the search, and be dissolved upon successful completion of the search.

The Committee will serve in an advisory capacity to the Board of Trustees and consists of members from trustees, faculty, staff, students, alumni, and local community leadership. While populated by a broad representation of constituencies, the Committee will conduct the search in the best interests of Utica College, rather than on behalf of any single constituency.

The Committee will conduct the search with the assistance of an experienced search consultant, and identify a highly qualified and diverse candidate pool for the position of president. With this in mind, the Committee is directed to ensure the following:
  • Undertake a process that is consultative in nature, seeking input from the Utica College community as to the attributes, skills, and vision that Utica College’s next President should possess.
  • The Committee will solicit feedback regarding the short-term and long-term challenges Utica College’s next President is likely to face. This will include an understanding of the challenges, opportunities and overall climate of higher education in the foreseeable future, and in particular, Utica College’s relative competitive position in this regard.
  • Together with the input of various advisory parties and constituencies, and guided by the search firm, a job profile and description will be developed that invites and encourages the nomination of all qualified individuals from both traditional and nontraditional backgrounds.
  • Once a candidate pool is established, the Committee will commence with a thoroughly comprehensive and professional process of screening, interviewing, vetting, and recommending a final candidate to the full Board of Trustees. According to Article V, Section 8b(6) of the bylaws of Utica College, the Executive Committee of the Board of Trustees has responsibility for appointing a Search Committee for the purpose of selecting a President. The decision to accept the Committee’s recommendation rests with the full Board.
  • The Committee will keep the Board informed of the status of its work in such way as to ensure a smooth and seamless process through to its conclusion. In this regard the Committee will seek and accept advice and direction, and encourage active participation from the Board as appropriate.
  • The Committee will utilize a process that is transparent and fair, and at the same time maintain confidentiality critical to attracting the best candidates and operating at the highest professional standard of conduct.
  • The Committee will utilize a best practice approach in commencing with the search process, developing and maintaining documentation templates that follow logical process steps. These templates will be archived for future reference.
  • The Committee will seek to communicate appropriate progress reports to constituencies through various means including web pages dedicated to milestone updates.
  • Committee members will respect the Search Committee Operating Principles and confidentiality to protect the best interests of the position candidates and Utica College.

Respectfully submitted,

Larry Gilroy

Larry Gilroy

Immediate Past Chair, 2011-15
Utica College Board of Trustees


Mark Salsbury '79
Chair, Presidential Search Committee
(315) 792-3006
1600 Burrstone Road | Utica, NY 13502