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You’re interested in exploring life at the molecular level. You’re curious about all living things and how cells function and communicate. Research excites you, and you dream of making a scientific discovery that can impact the world of healthcare, agriculture, or the environment. Biochemistry might be the major for you.

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American Chemical Society

Why UC?

The biochemistry major at UC gives students a solid understanding of the fundamental building blocks of life, preparing them for fulfilling careers in a field on the leading edge of human knowledge. Supported by exceptional faculty and advanced instrumentation, the program is modeled on a course of study recommended by the American Chemical Society.

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What You’ll Learn

The biochemistry major offers core study in chemistry that will lay the foundation for a future in biotechnology, biochemistry, and medicine. The integrated curriculum includes: general, organic, and physical chemistry; research methods; and quantitative analysis. In addition, UC biochemistry students have the opportunity make significant contributions to ongoing research and pursue independent research projects of their own.

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"I never imagined I would have an opportunity to discover things, present things, or be able to talk to other scientists about my work. My research is definitely the most memorable experience I've had here."

Danielle McHarris '15


A Degree that Works

UC biochemistry students graduate with the skills to think, work, and write like chemists. Biochemistry grads go on to top graduate schools or careers in the biochemistry or medical industries.

UC is one of 3 schools in the country to use cutting-edge, professional medicinal pharmaceutical software - the same used by industry leaders.

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