Sociology and Anthropology - Program Description
Major in Sociology and Anthropology

Sociology and Anthropology

Anthropology and sociology are closely related sciences which seek to understand the human world. Traditionally anthropology has studied human biology and language as well as culture, with an emphasis on pre-industrial societies. Sociology has concentrated on social institutions and social behavior, with an emphasis on contemporary industrial nations. Together they provide a broad, holistic understanding of the nature of human beings, human culture, and human social organization.

Choose from two academic concentrations:
  • General
  • Teacher education
Study areas include:
  • Cultural anthropology
  • Human society
  • Statistics
  • Social research methods
  • Sociology theory
  • History

Special Opportunities

Sociology and anthropology majors have the benefit of hands-on experience through internships in local social service agencies. Professors plan field trips to expose students to other cultures and ways of life and to facilitate the study of other cultures. Students also benefit from personal contact with their professors through small classes and one-on-one contact outside the classroom.


Utica College maintains seven academic computer laboratories on campus. These labs contain either IBM-compatible or Apple Macintosh computers. Classes are taught in some of the computer labs; all are accessible to any UC student during published hours. The labs are equipped with laser printers, and the computers have word processing, spreadsheet, and database programs. Student assistants and a Computer Help Desk provide assistance as needed.


Majors have the advantage of small classes and close interaction with UC faculty members. To learn more about our faculty, click here > 

Career Opportunities

A major in sociology and anthropology prepares those who are interested in pursuing social service, business, government, or academic careers in which knowledge of social processes is necessary.

Graduates typically find employment in such places as social service agencies, schools and colleges, parole and probation departments, and businesses. Many pursue post-baccalaureate degrees. A minor in education provides opportunities for teaching in a secondary or elementary school.

UC Graduates

Jason F. Varrone '94 is an underwriting technician for Commercial Insurance Co. in Buffalo, NY.

Kit Hutchinson '93 is pursuing a master's degree in anthropology at Carleton University.

Beth Zimpel '91 served with the Peace Corps on the Caribbean Island of Dominica.

Alexander Thomas '91 has earned a Ph.D. degree in sociology at Northeastern University.

Anita Becker '91 is a junior high school teacher in Whitesboro, NY.

Ann Schug '91 is director of social services for Heritage Home in Utica.

"The UC sociology/anthropology degree combines the best of both worlds. My professors prepared me with the skills and education to communicate effectively with clients and professionals alike, but also instilled in me a belief in social justice and the ability to think globally."
--Pamela Brewer '93, Program Supervisor, Victims of Violence, Liberty Resources, Oneida, NY

"The liberal arts education at Utica College prepared me for a career. The professors encouraged me to develop researching, analyzing, and problem-solving skills. I had the opportunity to receive on-the-job experience in an internship. The education in and out of the classroom provided me with a strong background and confidence to pursue a job in the sociology field. I understand what my grandfather, the first dean of UC, meant when he told me --Tracy Tolles-Ruechert '90, Program Director, First Step at Coalition for the Homeless, New York, NY

Further Information

Contact Polly Smith, Ph.D., Chair of Sociology and Anthropology.  

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