PRJ Program - Learning Goals
Major in Public Relations

Public Relations Journalism - Program Student Learning Goals

Graduates will be able to:


Write competently on a professional level (i.e., write clear, concise, grammatically correct stories).  - AND -  Write logically, clearly, precisely and persuasively on a professional level.

Gather information through the use of traditional and digital media, and then write and/or produce accurate news stories on deadline.

Use relevant technologies to create and distribute journalistic work across multiple media platforms.

Behave professionally and operate effectively in a professional environment.

Demonstrate understanding of the historical significance and practical implications of mass communications.

Understand the scientific method of inquiry and display research-related writing skills.

Apply the four-step public relations strategic process: research, planning, communication tactics and evaluation.

Make effective oral presentations.

Demonstrate a basic understanding of and competence using computer and multimedia technology needed for entry-level public relations jobs.

As of 2012-13

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Department Chair
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