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Public Relations and Journalism

Bachelor of Science Degree • School of Business and Justice Studies

Public Relations and Journalism Major

Program Details

Experience has demonstrated that there is a great deal of cross-over among professionals who make their careers in public relations and journalism, and therefore the combined program in public relations and journalism studies is devised to provide graduates with an educational background that will make them proficient in both fields. Required courses in the combined program include the basic courses which are required in both public relations and journalism. Graduates of the combined program find positions in public relations, daily and weekly publications, radio, television, and the magazine field.

Total credit hours required for degree: 120


(See also General Education Core)

Course Credit Hours Year Taken
Core 34-55  
Major Course Requirements
Public Relations 182 Introduction to Public Relations 3 1,2
Public Relations 372 Publicity and Public Relations Writing 3 3,4
Public Relations 375* Public Relations Research and Planning 3 3,4
Public Relations 482 Cases and Problems in Public Relations 3 3,4
Journalism Studies 181 Introduction to Mass Communication 3 1
Journalism Studies 261 Newswriting 3 1,2
Journalism Studies 262 Reporting 3 2
Journalism Studies 259 Broadcast News Writing 3 3,4
Journalism Studies 364 Editing 3 3,4
Journalism Studies 365 Publication Design 3 3,4
Public Relations 450 Field Work in Public Relations    
Journalism Studies 450 Field Work in Journalism 3 3,4

Select one course from the following:
Journalism Studies 362 Reporting of Public Affairs 3 3,4
Journalism Studies 371 Advanced Reporting Techniques 3 3,4

Select one course from the following:
Journalism Studies 467 Communications Law 3 3,4
Journalism Studies 401 Media Ethics 3 3,4

Major Electives
Select three courses from the following:
Journalism Studies 372 Essentials of News Photography 3 2,3,4
Journalism Studies 381 Censorship 3 2,3,4
Journalism Studies 241 Introduction to the Sports Report 3 2,3,4
Journalism Studies 376 TV News Field Reporting and Production I 3 2,3,4
Public Relations 400 Topic in Public Relations 3 3,4
Journalism Studies 400 Topics in Journalism Studies 3 2,3,4
Journalism Studies 276 TV News Field Reporting and Production II 3 3,4
Public Relations 385 Public Relations Campaigns 3 3,4
Journalism Studies 461 Web Writing and Design 3 3,4

The student must complete sufficient elective courses to earn at least the minimum credit hours required for this degree, and at least 60 credit hours of the 120 required must be in the liberal arts and sciences.
*Students wishing information about the public relations-journalism studies retention policy should consult with their academic adviser.


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