David M. Chanatry, M.S.
Department Chair
107 DePerno Hall

(315) 792-3812


Visiting Instructor of Public Relations

Elizabeth W. Burback

, M.S.
Assistant Professor of Public Relations

Phone: (315) 223-2472
Office: 105 DePerno Hall

Elizabeth W. Burback, Assistant Professor of Public Relations and Digital Marketing, received her Master of Science in Communication and Media Technologies from Rochester Institute of Technology and her Bachelor of Arts in Communication from LeMoyne College. ...More About Elizabeth W. Burback

Professor Chanatry

David M. Chanatry

, M.S.
Professor of Journalism

Phone: (315) 792-3812
Office: 107 DePerno Hall

Chanatry is Chair of Public Relations and Journalism and Associate Professor of Journalism at Utica College, where he teaches courses in broadcast news writing and television news reporting and producing. ...More About David M. Chanatry

Professor Cecilia Friend

Cecilia Friend

, M.A.
Professor of Public Relations and Journalism

Phone: (315) 792-3241
Office: 211 Faculty Center
Cecilia Friend's Personal Page

Cecilia Friend, professor of journalism, has an interest in technology and its ramifications on the media and society. She brings that interest both to teaching and to research. ...More About Cecilia Friend

Alan Goldenbach

Alan M. Goldenbach

, M.A.
Assistant Professor of Journalism

Phone: (315) 223-2541
Office: 213 ECJS Building


Kim Landon

Kim B. Landon

, M.A.
PT Development Officer

Phone: (315) 792-3093
Office: Ray Simon Convergence Center
B22 Hubbard Hall

Kim Landon, associate professor of journalism, worked as a reporter at several Upstate New York newspapers before joining Utica College in 1979. Since then, she has taught nearly every course in the Journalism curriculum, as well as many Topics in Journalism courses ranging from women war correspondents to documentary film. ...More About Kim B. Landon

Professor Paul J. MacArthur

Paul J. MacArthur

Associate Professor of Public Relations and Journalism

Phone: (315) 792-3348
Office: 204 Romano Hall

Professor MacArthur is Associate Professor of Public Relations. ...More About Paul J. MacArthur

Patricia Swann M.S.

Patricia (Pat) A. Swann

, M.S.
Professor of PR & Journalism

Phone: (315) 792-3243
Office: 104 ECJS Building

Professor Swann is Dean of the School of Business and Justice Studies. She has more than 20 years of experience in the field of journalism and public relations. ...More About Patricia A. Swann

Professor Emeritus Jack Behrens

John Behrens

Professor Emeritus

Professor Behrens, who has been teaching at Utica College for 37 years, is the author of countless magazine articles and several books, including his latest, "The Big Band Days." He continues to teach magazine article writing and recently celebrated his 20th anniversary as a Reader's Digest Fellow, which entitled nearly students more than $20,000 to research and write stories. ...More About John Behrens

Public Relations Journalism Professor Raymond Simon

Raymond Simon

Professor Emeritus

Utica College's Public Relations program was established by Professor Simon, whose textbooks served as the national academic standard for decades. Through the prestigious Raymond Simon Institute for Public Relations, Professor Simon continues to mentor students majoring in public relations. The institute offers summer internships, cash awards, and opportunities to network with successful UC public relations alumni. In October 1999, Professor Simon was recognized by PRWeek as one of the top 100 most influential PR practitioners of the the 20th century.