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Major in Foreign Language

Bachelor of Arts Degree • School of Arts and Sciences

Foreign Language Major

Program Details

The foreign language major enables students to combine the study of French or Spanish with a major related sequence of courses, resulting in the acquisition of vocabulary and cultural knowledge relevant to the major related area.

Students will develop an understanding of the language, grammar, literature and culture of their primary language, through both classroom study and a foreign studies experience. The Senior Research Project will combine the primary language with a Major Related Sequence such as Sociology or Human Rights Advocacy, acquiring the background knowledge and vocabulary in the primary language with which to successfully work in this field.

This major is designed to meet the needs of those students intending to work with a non-English speaking population, be it in business and management, education, social services, journalism, law, travel and tourism, and other fields which require language-qualified personnel. Furthermore, the knowledge of other languages is a positive attribute for those students who will pursue a graduate degree.


(See also General Education Core)

Total credit hours required for degree: 120

Course Credit Hours Year
Core 34-55  
Major Course Requirements
Primary Language 101 and 102 * 6 1
Primary Language 201 and 202 * 6 2
One of the following: FRE 347; SPA 347;
SPA 348


One of the following: SPA 227; FRE 237;
SPA 327; FRE 327


One of the following: FRE 288; FRE 300;
FRE 388; SPA 388; SPA 300


Advanced Grammar or Composition**
One of the following: FRE 337; SPA 337


Electives at the 300- or 400-level. (If a topics
course, may be repeated if the topic is different.)


One course in translation, or an additional 300-
or 400-level elective


Language 490: Senior Research Project 6 4
Major-Related Course Requirements (Track 1 or Track 2)
TRACK 1: ANT/ENG 351 Language and Culture or SOC 252 3 3,4
TRACK 1: COM 325 Intercultural Communications or COM 341 3 3,4
TRACK 2: :Second Language 101,102 6 3,4
Major Related Sequence:

A sequence of courses at in another field or combination of
fields as guided by the advisor, designed to complement the
foreign language major. Content from these courses will be
integrated into the Senior Research Project.

Students who complete one of the following minors, or a
teacher certification area, or a minor in a language other than
the primary language, will be considered to have completed
this requirement: Anthropology, Economics, English, Film
Studies, Gender Studies, Geoscience, Gerontology,
Government, History, Human Rights Advocacy,
Management, Philosophy, Psychology, Sociology,
and Theater.
15-21 2,3,4

*It is anticipated that most incoming Foreign Language Majors will already have already completed the equivalent of Elementary I [101] and II [102] of their primary language, and possibly Intermediate I [201] and Intermediate II [202].

**Or comparable courses in the primary language as approved by the department.


Juan A. Thomas
Associate Professor of Spanish and Chairman of the Department of Foreign Languages
1600 Burrstone Rd
Utica, NY 13502
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