Foreign Language - Program Description
Major in Foreign Language

Foreign Language

School of Arts and Sciences

(Bachelor of Arts Degree)

Program overview

The foreign language major enables students to combine the study of French or Spanish with a major related sequence of courses, resulting in the acquisition of vocabulary and cultural knowledge relevant to the major related area.

Students will develop an understanding of the language, grammar, literature and culture of their primary language, through both classroom study and a foreign studies experience. The Senior Research Project will combine the primary language with a Major Related Sequence such as Sociology or Human Rights Advocacy, acquiring the background knowledge and vocabulary in the primary language with which to successfully work in this field.

This major is designed to meet the needs of those students intending to work with a non-English speaking population, be it in business and management, education, social services, journalism, law, travel and tourism, and other fields which require language-qualified personnel. Furthermore, the knowledge of other languages is a positive attribute for those students who will pursue a graduate degree.

Total credit hours required for degree: 120 credit hours

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