Sherri Goldstein Cash, Ph.D.
Chair, History and International Studies
DePerno 102
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Bachelor of Arts Degree • School of Arts and Sciences

International Studies Major



Peter T. DeSimone

, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor History

Phone: (315) 792-3242
Office: 100 DePerno Hall

Assistant Professor Peter DeSimone earned a Ph.D. and M.A. from Ohio State University and a B.A. from Grand Valley State University. Prior to coming to Utica College he was a Graduate Research Associate at Hilander Library and Resource Center for Medieval Slavic Studies as well as adjunct faculty at Columbus State Community College. Peter enjoys playing and watching hockey, baseball, and traveling with family. ...More About Peter T. DeSimone

Domenica Newell-Amato

Domenica L. Newell-Amato

, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of French

Phone: (315) 792-4520
Office: 105 DePerno Hall

Domenica Newell-Amato received her PhD in French Literature from Emory University in Atlanta. She specializes in 17th century French theatre, and in particular, the theatre of Jean Racine. Her research interests include early modern Orientalism, African studies, and postcolonial studies. ...More About Domenica L. Newell-Amato

Professor Theodore Orlin, J.D.

Theodore (Ted) S. Orlin

, J.D.
Professor CRJ Gov/Pol

Phone: (315) 792-3267
Office: 122 DePerno Hall

Theodore Orlin, J.D., is the Harold T. Clark Jr. Professor Emeritus of Human Rights Scholarship and Advocacy at Utica College, Utica, New York. He is a founder and Director of the Human Rights Advocacy Program (HRAP). ...More About Theodore S. Orlin

Professor Nathaniel Richmond, Ph.D.

Nathaniel I. Richmond

, Ph.D.
Professor of Government

Phone: (315) 792-3205
Office: 113 DePerno Hall

Nathaniel Richmond, Ph.D., teaches courses in comparative politics, international politics, and political ideologies. Dr. Richmond serves as a consultant to local governments and is a member of the editorial advisory board of Annual Editions: American Foreign Policy. Dr. Richmond's advanced degrees (M.A./Ph.D.) are from George Washington University. ...More About Nathaniel I. Richmond

Juan A. Thomas, PhD

Associate Professor of Spanish

M.A.; Ph.D, Hispanic Linguistics,University at Albany. Ph.D., Inorganic Chemistry, MIT. Diploma Italian Linguistics, Università di Perugia. Diplomas Galician- Portuguese Philology, Instituto da lingua galega, Universidade de Santiago de Compostela. Before arriving at UC, Juan was Visiting Assistant Professor of Hispanic and Italian Studies at the University at Albany. His research interests include language contact, and attitudes toward languages. He is currently working on an ethnographic and linguistic description of the local Hispanic community.

Professor David Wittner, Ph.D.

David G. Wittner

, Ph.D.
Professor of History

Phone: (315) 792-3332
Office: 124 DePerno Hall

David Wittner is a former Fulbright Fellow and is internationally recognized for his work on nineteenth century technology transfer. ...More About David G. Wittner


Linda S. Zee

, Ph.D.
Professor of Spanish

Phone: (315) 223-2461
Office: 226 White Hall

Linda Zee has lived and traveled in Latin America [Mexico, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Honduras, Cuba, Puerto Rico, Peru, Bolivia, Chile, Argentina] and Spain. Her principal areas of research are contemporary Latin American women writers and Latin American film. She has created a data base of films in Spanish that are literary adaptations, and is currently researching the Spanish-language film industry in Hollywood in the 1920s and 1930s, along with Mexican horror films of the 1950s and 1960s. She is active in the arts community in Utica, and also participates in cross-country skiing, distance running and gardening. ...More About Linda S. Zee