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The major in history offers one of the broadest and most flexible liberal arts fields at Utica College.  It is intended for students who seek an understanding of the human condition through its historical development. 

Special Opportunities 

The @ Series

These programs celebrate anniversaries of various events such as  the Gettysburg Address@150, the Civil Rights Act@50, or WWI@100. They too range in coverage from single talks, to full-blown, day long symposia.  

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Assistant Professor of History Peter DeSimone presents
 at the Center for Historical Research's symposium
commemorating the 100th anniversary of World War I 

Brown Bag 4

These are monthly, informal talks that range from fully polished presentations to discussions of research in progress.  Brown Bag Talks occur on the second Wednesday of every month from 12:30-1:30 in the DuRoss Faculty Dining Room.  They are free and open to the public.  


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Dr. Sherri Cash presents her research on the Mohawk
Valley ginseng trade at a Brown Bag Talk

History Month 3

The Center for Historical Research hosts a variety of public events celebrating various history months.  These range from public lectures and receptions to other activities related to that month’s theme.  The Center celebrates:

LGBT History Month:
Native American History Month:
Black History Month:
Women's History Month:


In celebration of LGBT History Month, Professor Laurie Marhoefer
(Syracuse University)delivers a talk on gay rights in 1920s
Weimar Republic Germany


History Club 2 

The History Club takes several trips each academic year. Past trips have included: Washington, D.C., Gettysburg, Sleepy Hollow, New York, and excursions through the Mohawk Valley corridor to explore the region’s Revolutionary War roots.

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History Club members pose for a picture at the 148th New
York Infantry Monument at Gettysburg Battlefield 


Housed in the history department, the Gamma Xi chapter of Phi Alpha Theta is one of the oldest student led bodies on campus.  For more information,

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2014 Gamma Xi Induction Ceremony
at the Historic Fort Schuyler Club in Utica, New York

Themed Events

These are talks with small receptions on a variety of themes such as the foundations of English law and liberty or Halloween.  We also have movie nights that are accompanied by discussions from experts.  These have included talks by the New York State folklorist Ellen McHale and an academic discussion of iconic films like Godzilla.

History Receptions

These are semi-formal gatherings at which majors and faculty gather to socialize.  History majors are offered the chance to meet the history faculty, administrators, department alumni, and other history majors.



A history reception at the Barrett Art Gallery


The history department at Utica College has four full-time faculty members and a number of adjunct professors. They include: 

Associate Professor Sherri Goldstein-Cash


earned a Ph.D. from the University of Arizona in U.S. History. Professor Cash specializes in 19th century labor and women's history. Her research is on the Burned Over District of Upstate New York. 

Associate Professor David G. Wittner


holds a Ph.D. in East Asian History from The Ohio State University. Professor Wittner specializes in modern Japanese history, with a specialization in the history of technology in 19th century Japan. 

Assistant Professor Peter DeSimone


 earned a Ph.D. and M.A. from Ohio State University and a B.A. from Grand Valley State University. Prior to coming to Utica College he was a Graduate Research Associate at Hilander Library and Resource Center for Medieval Slavic Studies as well as adjunct faculty at Columbus State Community College.

Visiting Assistant Professor Chris Fobare


is a U.S. historian who specializes in the political history of the Civil War and Reconstruction, the Gilded Age, and the Progressive Era. His research examines the evolution of political ideology from Reconstruction to the presidential election of 1912, with a particular emphasis on the role that the nation’s transition from an agricultural to an industrial political economy played in fostering a modern two party system in the early twentieth century.. Originally from Marcy, New York, Fobare earned his B.A. from Utica College and an M.A. from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, where he is currently completing a Ph.D. in American history.


Utica College maintains seven academic computer laboratories on campus. These labs contain either IBM-compatible or Apple Macintosh computers. Classes are taught in some of the computer labs; all are accessible to any UC student during published hours. The labs are equipped with laser printers, and the computers have word processing, spreadsheet, and database programs. Student assistants and a Computer Help Desk provide any assistance that students need. 

Career Opportunities

History graduates are prepared for fields such as social science teaching, all varieties of government service, and other careers requiring a liberal arts preparation. Students who pursue the minor in education are prepared for teaching at the secondary or elementary level. 

Some students pursue graduate study of history. History is an excellent background for those contemplating professional training in law, library science, and similar fields. 

UC Graduates

Featured Student: 

Geoff Storm recounts his experience as a history major, click here 

Bridget Brown '74 teaches social studies at Proctor High School in Utica. 

Barrett Carson '71 is vice-president for development at Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta, GA. 

Frederick Degen '70 is associate attorney for the New York State Department of Law in Utica. 

"I always liked history, and that's why I majored in it. I've been teaching social science for 22 years. At UC, I had some fantastic professors, especially in ancient history, and in the subject area I am teaching now, global studies, my teachers were outstanding." 

--Bridget Brown '74, Social Studies Teacher, Proctor High School, Utica 

"To understand the future you have to understand the past. John Locke always preached that experience is the best teacher. You can learn through history to analyze and use the past. As you get into business or any career, it's a great background because it allows you to put things in perspective and teaches you a sense of chronological order and time management, [which are] important skills for business." 

--Richard Holcombe '69, President and COO, Visionaries, Westborough, MA 

Further Information 

Contact Sherri Cash, Ph.D.,  Associate Professor of History and Chair of History and International Studies at  



Sherri Cash, Ph.D.
History Department Chair
102 DePerno Hall

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