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Minor in Government and Politics 

School of Arts and Sciences


The minor in government and politics is designed to provide a focused and in-depth examination of the institutions and processes of American government. It will enable students in those majors where knowledge of, and interaction with, government is essential to develop additional competency. It especially is appropriate for majors in accounting, business, construction management, criminal justice, economics, international studies, journalism, and public relations.

Total credit hours required for minor: 18

CourseCredit Hours
Foundational Courses
GOV 101Intro to Politics and American Government3
GOV203Intro to Comparative Politics3
Choose one of the following:
GOV 221State and Local Government3
GOV 251Congress and the Legislative Process 3
Choose one of the following:
GOV 261International Relations3
GOV 281Political Ideologies3
Choose two of the following:
GOV 333American Public Policy3
GOV 345Constitutional Law in the Gov. Process3
GOV 365American Foreign Policy3