Richard D. Kelly
Major in Criminal Justice
Richard D. Kelly, M.S.
Assistant Professor of Economic Crime Investigation
Phone: (315) 223-2541

Richard D. Kelly, M.S., is an Assistant Professor in the Economic Crime Investigation Program at Utica College. Prior to coming to Utica College, Professor Kelly worked for an International Defense Contractor as a Program Planner & Scheduler on projects directly related to the “War on Terror”. His background also includes investigating fraudulent insurance claims, working as a Liability Specialist in the insurance industry and performing environmental health investigations at the county level, working for an Environmental Health Department.
Prof. Kelly’s Graduate thesis project was the final result of a partnership with the Computer Forensics Research and Development Center at Utica College, and consisted of researching and designing a secure web site that provided insightful and useful information to law enforcement agencies, academic researchers, and private industry on the use of steganography as a form of covert communication ( The site also provided a comprehensive collection of steganalysis tools and forensic resources to aid investigators in the creation of the procedures and methods that are currently needed to detect steganography in covert communications.
Prof. Kelly obtained his B.S. degree in Biology from Cortland College, and received his M.S. in Economic Crime Management from Utica College. He is currently completing coursework for an M.B.A in Fraud Management (from Utica College) and working on completing his CFE (Certified Fraud Examiner) Designation through the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners.

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