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FILM@UC Spring 2013

Bestiaire January 24
[2012, Canada, dir. Denis Côté, 72 mins.]

Like the bestiaries of medieval Europe, filled with exotic animal illustrations, zoological wisdom, and ancient legends, this sober and elegant film ruminates on the human fascination with animals.
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Samsara January 31
[2011, USA, dir. Ron Fricke, 102 mins.]

This extraordinary film transports us to sacred grounds, disaster zones,industrial sites, and natural wonders, in a mesmerizing search for the links between the rhythm of the planet and our own life cycle.
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Terra Blight February 7
Terra Blight
[2012, USA, dir. Isaac Brown, 55 mins.]

An eye-opening documentary about Americans' insatiable pursuit of the latest computer technology and the mountains of hazardous waste that obsolete computers leave behind.
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Teddy Bear
February 14
Teddy Bear
[2012, Denmark, dir. Mads Matthiesen, 92 mins.]

Lured to Thailand by glossy brochures and tales of sex and romance, a shy and sensitive 38-year-old bodybuilder escapes his suffocating mother only to have his naïve dreams of love dashed in the bars of Pattaya.
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The Ambassador February 21
The Ambassador
[2011, Denmark, dir. Mads Brügger, 93 mins.]

The fearless and irreverent Danish ”performative journalist” Brügger skewers the hidden world of African diplomacy by becoming Liberia's ambassador to the Central African Republic, revealing how a corrupt and devastated African country really functions.
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February 28
[2011, USA, dir. Vikram Gandhi, 84 mins.]

Hoping to puncture the absurdity of blind faith, American filmmaker Gandhi becomes a fictional Indian guru only to find himself forging profound connections with a group of devoted students who embrace him as their true spiritual teacher.
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Bully March 7
[2011, USA, dir. Lee Hirsch, 98 mins.]

This critically-acclaimed documentary offers a startling look into the lives of five out of the 13 million kids who experience bullying, the most common form of violence suffered by young people in America.
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The Last Gladiators
March 14
The Last Gladiators
[2011, USA, dir. Alex Gibney, 94 mins.]

In ice hockey, no one is more feared than the enforcer, but this unflinching documentary explores the physical and mental costs these men endure during and after their NHL careers.

Sponsored in part by the UC men's and women's
hockey teams.

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