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Chico and Rita August 29
Chico & Rita
[2010, Spain, dirs. Fernando Trueba, Javier Mariscal, & Tono Errando, 94 mins.]

A young piano player and a beautiful singer, united by music and desire, leave Havana in the Forties to chase their showbiz dreams in this jazzy, sexy, and bittersweet animated film.
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In Another Country September 5
In Another Country
[2012, South Korea, dir. Hong Sang-soo, 89 mins.]

Three different women, all played by legendary French actress Isabelle Huppert, visit a small Korean resort town and encounter a lovestruck lifeguard in this humorous tale of love, lust and misunderstanding.
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The Day He Arrives September 12
The Day He Arrives
[2011, South Korea, dir. Hong Sang-soo, 79 mins.]

A director who no longer makes films visits Seoul, only to fall into a pattern of apparent coincidences and chance repetitions, as if every day were part of a movie he keeps remaking.
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September 19
[2012, South Korea, dir. Kim Ki-duk, 104 mins.]

A pitiless gangster, who makes a living collecting money from loan sharks and brutalizing those who are unable to pay, finds himself stalked by a bizarre woman who claims to be the mother who abandoned him, forcing him to question his dreary, violent existence.

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No September 26
[2012, Chile, dir. Pablo Larraín, 118 mins.]

A brash young advertising executive is recruited by opposition leaders in 1988 to devise a campaign intended to persuade his fellow Chileans to vote the military dictator Augusto Pinochet out of power and set their nation free.
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Otelo Burning
October 3
Otelo Burning
[2012, USA, dir. Sarah Blecher, 102 mins.]

Three Zulu boys defy apartheid and escape their harsh township lives through the joy of surfing, finding freedom on the waves amid the turmoil of South Africa on the cusp of change.
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War Witch October 10
War Witch
[2013, Canada, dir. Kim Nguyen, 90 mins.]

Komona, kidnapped at age 12 by rebel guerrillas and enslaved in the brutal life of a child soldier in Africa, finds hope for survival in protective, ghost-like visions, and a tender relationship with fellow soldier, Magician, as they both seek a return to normal life.
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October 17
[2012, Ireland, dir. Jon Wright, 94 mins.]

Voraceous blood-sucking aliens grow tired of feeding on marine life and turn to hunting the residents of a small island off of the west coast of Ireland, only to be undone by a fatal allergy to alcohol in this cheeky horror-comedy.
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