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FILM@UC Fall 2010 Season

The Mortal StormSeptember 2 
The Mortal Storm
[Frank Borzage, 1940, USA]

Two young lovers living in a small Bavarian village during Hitler’s rise to power refuse to join with family, friends, and neighbors in supporting Nazism and must escape to Austria in this groundbreaking film that infuriated the Nazi government and led to all MGM films being banned in Germany.
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Heading SouthSeptember 9 
Heading South
[Laurent Cantet, 2005, France]

Desire intermingles with commerce and manipulation as young black men become a commodity for wealthy, white women in the sexual and political tinderbox of Baby Doc Duvalier's 1970s Haiti.
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A Call GirlSeptember 16 
A Call Girl
[Damjan Kozole, 2009, Slovenia]

A young woman moves from a small Slovenian town to the capitol, Ljubljana, where she styles herself as a call girl, but when one of her clients, a visiting politician, dies of a heart attack, she finds herself pursued from all sides and longing again for the refuge of village life.
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September 23
[Luke Boughen, Rebekah Fergusson, Gwendolyn Oxenham, and Ryan White, 2010, USA]

Two former college soccer players who didn’t quite make it to the pros, but who can’t yet bear to quit the game, travel to twenty-three countries, from Bolivia to China to Kenya to Iran, looking for the other side of soccer, away from professional stadiums, bright lights, and manicured fields.
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Nora's will
September 30
Nora’s Will
[Mariana Chenillo, 2010, Mexico]

An elderly woman has meticulously planned her death, down to the smallest detail, in order to orchestrate the lives of those closest to her, especially her ex-husband… but he is determined to finally escape her controlling ways, unravel her carefully laid plans, and discover the truth behind a mysterious photograph found hidden under the bed.
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The Cove
October 7
The Cove
[Louie Psihoyos, 2009, USA.]

An elite team of activists, filmmakers and freedivers embark on a covert mission to penetrate a remote and hidden cove in Taiji, Japan, using state-of-the-art techniques to uncover the annual slaughter of dolphins near this small seaside village in this shocking, award winning documentary.
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Le combat dans l’ile October 14
Le combat dans l’ile
[Alain Cavalier, 1962, France]

Radical politics and a love triangle spark conflict when the icy son of a wealthy industrialist joins a militant right-wing group and, after a failed attempt to assassinate a leftist politician, must hide himself and his flirtatious wife in the country home of pacifist printmaker.
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Double Take
October 21 
Double Take
[Johan Grimonprez, 2009, Belgium/Germany/The Netherlands]

This sly, ingenious hybrid of documentary, fiction, collage, and cultural criticism reconsiders Alfred Hitchcock’s films of the late 1950s and early 1960s against the backdrop of Cold War-era political anxiety.
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