Department of Business and Economics

Management is the process of bringing people and resources together to accomplish something. Businesses, not-for-profit organizations, government departments, and other groups all need the skills of effective managers. Management is about leadership, creativity, effective communication, and commitment to getting the job done well.

The goal of the undergraduate management program at Utica College is to prepare students thoroughly for entering this exciting field. Learning the fundamental principles of the field; using the tools and techniques of today's workplace; experiential learning by means of internships, co-ops, and "live" cases; direct contact with business leaders both in and out of the classroom; keeping abreast from freshman year onward of the constant changes in the world of management -- all of these and more combine to help us prepare tomorrow's leaders.

The management faculty prides itself on being able to use its expertise to enrich the learning experience of UC students in and outside the classroom. In addition to the individualized academic advising that is provided, many faculty members serve as advisers to active student organizations such as the Marketing Club and the Society for Human Resources Management.

Students also are able to gain valuable experience through supervised internships and cooperative education positions. These positions have been, to cite a few examples, at the Bank of New York, Smith Barney, Inc., Merrill Lynch, Metropolitan Casualty and Life, Fleet Bank (now Bank of America), Utica National Insurance, Prudential Financial Preferred, Utica-based polling firm Zogby International, and the Observer-Dispatch.

In addition to the management major, a minor in the field is also available for students who may wish to combine preparation for management with organized study of another discipline. Likewise, students majoring in management are encouraged to take courses or complete minors in other fields.

For further information, please contact David B. Kiner, Executive Director of Business and Economics at
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