Department of Business and Economics

The undergraduate economics major is one of the oldest degree programs at Utica College. Since the College's founding in 1946, economics majors have been preparing for the private work force, graduate programs, and government positions. Utica College graduates have found success in many careers due to a strong emphasis on the liberal arts and modern quantitative techniques. The liberal arts curriculum is a strong foundation for the study of advanced economic theory.

Economics is a study of people and human institutions, languages, and history, which provides students with a comprehensive understanding of the world of economy. The economics major provides students with a broad training in the liberal arts and a firm foundation in analytical thinking. It will increase one's understanding of economic and political problems in the national and world economy. Graduates are prepared for careers in government, business, labor, research, and education as well as graduate work in economics and law.

Utica College economics students all study the required core courses and advanced economic theory. They complete their work with a senior project research paper that lasts a semester.

Under the guidance of a faculty member, all seniors study an economic or social problem of their choosing. Current students are studying minimum wage legislation, sexual harassment, private contracts for police and fire protection, gender equity in college sports, trade problems with Japan, and the effect of advertising on cigarette consumption.

In addition to their formal classroom work, economics students actively manage a stock portfolio worth over $40,000. Begun with a gift of $5,000 in 1990, the portfolio has grown considerably due to the efforts of the students and the advice of the faculty. Management of the portfolio gives students experience in finance that complements the theory they are learning in the classroom.

Students interested in both business and economics can take advantage of the combined business economics major at Utica College, which includes all the economics courses required in the economics major and at least 30 hours of additional business courses.

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