Business Economics
Department of Business and Economics

The undergraduate business economics major is one of the oldest degree programs at Utica College. Since the College's founding in 1946, business economics major have been preparing for the private work force, graduate programs, and government positions. Utica College graduates have found success in many careers due to a strong emphasis on the liberal arts and modern quantitative techniques. The liberal arts curriculum is a strong foundation for the study of advanced economic theory.

The business economics major includes all the economics courses required in the economics major plus an additional 30 hours of business courses. This provides an especially strong foundation for employment in business and a good basis for graduate work in economics, business, and law. With growing emphasis on more economic education in the high schools, the business economics program prepares graduates to teach business subjects by providing a sound understanding of the economic foundations of business practices and policies.

For further information, please contact David B. Kiner, Executive Director of Business and Economics at
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