Credit Hour Definitions
Academics at Utica College
Instructional courses must offer 12.5 hours of active instruction for each credit hour with twice that time allotted for student work outside the classroom, as required by New York State. Accordingly, a three-credit course consists of 37.5 hours of active instruction with the expectation that the student will spend twice that time on outside assignments such as homework, research, and review. This definition is consistent throughout all modes of instruction - on-ground, hybrid, and online - for both undergraduate and graduate classes. This definition applies equally to courses of any length, including 8-week courses. 

Supervised courses (courses that offer students immersion experiences in another culture without formal lectures, presentations, and laboratory work) offer one academic credit per five days in situ of the course.

Laboratory courses offer one credit hour for each 37.5 hours of laboratory work. 

The Office of the Provost, in consultation with the Curriculum Committee, will review and determine the credit hours for courses that do not fall into the categories above.

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