Psychology Department

Tyson C. Kreiger, Ph.D.

Tyson C. Kreiger

, Ph.D.
Associate Professor Psychology

Phone: (315) 792-5285
Office: 212 Faculty Center

Dr. Kreiger has a wide variety of research interests including identity development, gender development, peer victimization, and sexual minority youth. Most recently Dr. Kreiger is investigating how nostalgia influences social development and identity formation. ...More About Tyson C. Kreiger

Amy E. Lindsey

, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Psychology

Phone: (315) 792-3806
Office: 205 Faculty Center

Dr. Amy Lindsey is an associate professor of psychology at Utica College in Utica, NY. Her area of expertise is neuroscience and psychophysics. ...More About Amy E. Lindsey

Arlene Lundquist

Arlene R. Lundquist

, Ph.D.
Professor of Psychology

Phone: (315) 792-3169
Office: 207 Faculty Center

Dr. Lundquist is a generalist in the field of Psychology with experience teaching more than 20 different undergraduate and graduate courses. ...More About Arlene R. Lundquist

John Schwoebel, Assistant Professor of Psychology

John N. Schwoebel

, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Psychology

Phone: (315) 792-3763
Office: FAC 209

I am primarily interested in exploring questions concerning applied cognition and mental enrichment. ...More About John N. Schwoebel

R. Scott Smith

R. Scott Smith

, Ph.D.
Professor of Psychology

Phone: (315) 792-3240
Office: 211 Faculty Center

R. Scott Smith's research interests are focused on the social ecology and psychology of cultural adaptation, particularly the adaptation of host communities to the presence of immigrants and vice versa. ...More About R. Scott Smith

Steven M. Specht, Ph.D.

Steven M. Specht

, Ph.D.
Professor of Psychology

Phone: (315) 792-3171
Office: 206 Faculty Center

Dr. Specht was trained as a psychobiologist but has recently re-focused his research on investigating the factors which influence how individuals perceive artwork. Dr. Specht is also an award-winning collage artist. He teaches courses in research design and statistics, psychobiology and a course entitled “Psychology and the Visual Arts”. ...More About Steven M. Specht

Jo Ellen Vespo

, Ph.D.
Professor of Psychology and Psychology-Child Life

Phone: (315) 792-3283
Office: 202 Faculty Center

Dr. Jo Ellen Vespo pursues research in the areas of infant and child development, young children's relationships, children and stress, and other child life issues. ...More About Jo Ellen Vespo

Jennifer L. Yanowitz

, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Psychology

Phone: (315) 223-2566
Office: 208 Faculty Center

Dr. Yanowitz's research interests include the study of the various components of romantic courtship. Specifically, she is interested in perceptions of stalking and the use of manipulation in the pursuit of romantic relationships.


Amy E. Lindsey, Ph.D.
205 Faculty Center

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