Freshman Entry

Freshman Entry

Bachelor of Science Degree in Health Studies Program
with Continuation to Master of Science Degree in Occupational Therapy

Admission Criteria

A maximum of thirty-two freshmen are accepted into the freshman cohort. To be eligible for
admission to this program, applicants are reviewed according to the following admission criteria:
  • High School GPA of 85.0 or higher
  • High School Rank in the top twenty-fifth percentile
  • SAT scores of 1050 or above
  • Solid academic and personal profile
  • Sound ability in science and math, completing at least:
  • One year of biology
  • One year of another science, e.g., chemistry or physics
  • Three years of math

Students admitted to this program may earn the Bachelor of Science degree at the completion of four years and the Master of Science degree with and additional two years, for a total of six years of study. At the beginning of the fourth year, students who meet the continuation criteria begin the professional phase of the program. The continuation criteria are described below.

Continuation Criteria

To enroll in the professional phase of the program, students must complete and submit
evidence of the following:
  1. a total of 25 hours of volunteer/observation experience with an occupational therapy practitioner and in a minimum of two different occupational therapy practice settings.
  2. a reflective summary of the volunteer/observation/work experiences.
  3. an overall cumulative grade point average of at least 3.0 on a 4.0 scale.
  4. successful completion of all prerequisite courses with a minimum grade of "C."
  5. a physical health examination within one year and completion of all other health requirements for occupational therapy students.
  6. CPR certification for adult, child, and infant
  7. health insurance
  8. completion of all prerequisite courses

Suggested Sequence of Courses Regular Track (Freshman Entry)

Bachelor of Science in Health Studies with continuation to Master of Science in Occupational Therapy.
Courses in bold font must be taken in the following sequence; it is suggested, but not required, that other courses be taken in the sequence listed below.
Year       1         PRE-PROFESSIONAL PHASE
Fall Semester
Spring Semester
                  BIO101 Anatomy & Physiology I 4 BIO102 Anatomy & Physiology II 4
                  ENG101 Written Communications I 3 ENG102 Written Communications II 3
                  HLS101 Introduction to Health Professions 1 SOS207 Social Org. U.S. Health Care Sys. 3
                  Foreign Language I 3 Foreign Language II 3
                  UC101 Freshman Seminar (optional) 1 Math Core/elective 3
                  Oral Communication Core/Elective 3

                  Semester Total 15 Semester Total 16
Year       2         Fall Semester   Spring Semester  
                  BIO201 Gross Anatomy 4 BIO202 Neuroanatomy/ Neurophysiology 4
                  Fine Arts Core 3 GNT214 Biology of Aging
GNT101 Introduction to Aging
                  PSY101 Introduction to Psychology 3 HLS245 Human Devmnt Across the Lifespan 3
                  SOC151 Human Society 3 Literature core/elective 3
                  History/Diversity Core/elective 3

Elective 3

                  Semester Total 16 Semester Total 16
Year       3         Fall Semester Credit
Spring Semester Credit
                  HLS309 Medical Conditions/ Implications 3 HLS401 Senior Seminar 3
                  HLS335 Activity Analysis & Skills 3 HLS445 Clinical Research 3
                  PHY151 General Physics I 4 HLS381 Kinesiology 3
                  PSY211 Statistics for Behavioral Sciences 3 PHI107 Ethics
PHI108 Professional Ethics
                  PSY361 Abnormal Psychology 3

ANT415 Cultures, Healthand Healing 3

                  Semester Total 16 Semester Total 15
Year       4         PROFESSIONAL PHASE : all courses must be taken in the sequence indicated
Fall Semester
Spring Semester Credit Hrs
                  OCT501 Occupational Performance I - Infants and Toddlers 5 OCT502 Occupational Performance II - Children 5
                  OCT505 Theoretical Basis of Occupational Therapy 3 OCT512 Community Experience II 1
                  OCT511 Community Experience I 1 OCT516 Professional Writing 3
                  OCT515 Introduction to Case-based learning 2 OCT532 Development of Professional Roles 3
                  OCT531 Introduction to Professional Roles 3

OCT653 Fieldwork I ^^ 1

                  Semester Total 14 Semester Total 13
Graduate in May with B.S. Degree in Health Studies
^^OCT653 Fieldwork I (children) completed during Summer after Year 4 (3 weeks, 120 hours)
Year   5             Fall Semester Credit Hrs Spring Semester Credit Hrs
                  OCT611 Occupational Performance III - Adolescents and Young Adults (3 lecture, 2 lab) 5 OCT612 Occupational Performance IV - Adults (3 lecture, 2 lab) 5
                  OCT621 Community Experience III 1 OCT622 Community Experience IV 1
                  OCT631 Intermediate Professional Roles 3 OCT632 Advanced Professional Roles 3
                  OCT641 Research Seminar I 3 OCT642 Research Seminar II 3
                  Semester Total 12 Semester Total 12
Fieldwork Level I Experience (adult) as part of OCT615 is complete during summer after Year 5 (3 weeks, 120 hours)
Year   6             Fall Semester Credit Hrs Spring Semester Credit Hrs
                  OCT615 Synthesis: Theory to Practice >> 3 OCT654 Fieldwork Level II A 6
                  OCT625 Community Experience V 1 OCT656 Fieldwork Level II B 6
                  OCT636 Occupational Therapy Administration 3 Optional Specialty Fieldwork
OCT657 Fieldwork Level II C

                  OCT665 Research Seminar II 3

                  Semester Total 10 Semester Total 12-16
Graduate in May with MS Degree in Occupational Therapy Total Credits 73-77


Sally C. Townsend
Program Director

(315) 792-3239
(315) 792-3006
1600 Burrstone Road | Utica, NY 13502