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Nursing - Program Student Learning Goals

The objectives/competencies of the nursing program are:

  1. to demonstrate critical thinking through:

    1. Utilization of creative problem-solving and decision-making based on theories and models in the delivery of health care to individuals cross the life span, groups, and communities; and
    2. Incorporation of research concepts in planning and implementing nursing care.
  2. to communicate in a professional manner through:

    1. Utilization of concepts in human interaction in establishing effective professional relationships;
    2. Appropriate use of formal and informal writing; and
    3. Application of appropriate communication technologies.
  3. to develop professional role concepts and behaviors to meet the evolving health care needs of society through:

    1. Demonstration of responsibility and accountability;
    2. Recognition and implementation of care within ethical and legal parameters of professional practice;
    3. Provision of culturally sensitive and culturally competent care to clients in an increasingly diverse society;
    4. Commitment to evidence-based, clinically competent care in diverse settings;
    5. Commitment to patient/family advocacy;
    6. Collaboration with individual clients, families, and communities to promote, protect, and improve health;
    7. Collaboration with interdisciplinary health care providers within strategic community partnerships;
    8. Integration of management principals;
    9. Incorporation of concern for social and global issues; and
    10. Identification of issues and trends affecting health care delivery.
  4. to value learning as a lifelong process through:

    1. Commitment to continuing education in professional development.
As of 2012-13

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