M.S. in Adolescence Education and Students with Disabilities
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Adolescence Education and Students with Disabilities

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This is a program of study for candidates who have a bachelor’s degree in the subject area they plan to teach and wish to seek dual certification in Adolescence and Students with Disabilities Grade 7-12 Generalist.

Teaching areas open to students at Utica College are English, mathematics, biology, chemistry, physics and social studies (degrees in economics, history, government and politics, or an equivalent degree to the sociology/anthropology degree awarded by Utica College).

Additional requirements for the Program:

Students must fulfill the following requirements:
  • Have a major or the equivalent in one or more of the liberal arts and sciences.
  • Have 6 credit hours or the equivalent of study in a language other than English.
  • Have 3 credit hours in the fine arts.
  • Have or complete 6 credit hours of study at the 200 level or above in each of the following courses: English, History, Mathematics and Science.
Courses must have been completed within the last six years or may be taken in conjunction with the required courses listed below. Courses must show a grade of B or above. Courses may be taken at the graduate or undergraduate level, and must be approved by the education department.

Academic Requirements (45-49 credit hours*)

Required Courses:
EDU 501 – Foundations of Literacy (3)
EDU 503 – Literacy and Comprehension: Middle-Adolescence (3)
EDU 505 – Foundation of Special Education (3)
EDU 511 – Introduction to Teaching (1)
EDU 512 – Practical Teaching Methodologies (3)
EDU 521 – Foundations of Education (3)
EDU 525 – Assessment of Children and Youth with Special Needs (3)
EDU 527 – Adolescence Special Education Methods (3)
EDU 528 – Methods and Curriculum: Severe Disabilities (3)
EDU 533 – Adolescence English/Language Arts Methods (3)
EDU 534 – Adolescence Social Studies Methods (3)
EDU 535 – Adolescence Mathematics Methods (3)
EDU 537 – Adolescence Science Methods (3)
EDU 615 – Learning and Cognition (3)
EDU 621 – Inclusive Classroom Strategies I (3)
EDU 632 – Data-Based Decision Making (3)
PSY 604 – Child and Adolescent Development: Implications of Educators (3)
EDU 697 – Professional Development in Education: Graduate Dossier (3)
EDU 699 – Professional Development in Education: Inquiry Project (3)

Content Area Electives (6 credit hours required)
Choose two courses in your certification content area.

Student Teaching or Mentored Internship (9 credit hours)

EDU 671 – Student Teaching Seminar (1)
EDU 675 – Student Teaching I (4) or EDU 677 – Mentored Internship (4)
EDU 676 – Student Teaching II (4) or EDU 678* - Mentored Internship (4)

* Students who currently have NYSED initial certification are required to complete only one student teaching placement. Contact the Utica College Department of Education for further information.

Students with Disabilities, Grade 7-12 Subject Extensions

Candidates with a base certificate in SWD 7-12 Generalist are eligible to be recommended for the extension title(s) at grade level 7-12 once they have successfully completed 18 semester hours of study or its equivalent in one or more of the following:
  • earth science
  • biology
  • chemistry
  • physics
  • social studies
  • mathematics
  • English
  • Spanish
  • French
For Social Studies, the candidate shall complete the 18 semester hours through a combination of study in United States history, world history and geography.

More Information:

Contact the Office of Graduate Admissions.



John Rowe
Director of Graduate Admissions

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1600 Burrstone Road | Utica, NY 13502