Leadership and Instruction for Inclusive Classrooms
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Leadership and Instruction for Inclusive Classrooms

Professor Lois Fisch with Robert BradleyMaster of Science in Education Degree

This is a program of study designed for candidates who already have provisional or initial certification and are seeking to meet the New York State requirements for permanent or professional certification, and candidates who are not seeking teacher certification. The latter group includes education-related or health-service workers and others who desire a master’s degree for their own personal or professional needs. 

Academic Requirements (30 credit hours)

Required Courses (21 credit hours)

EDU 605 – Inclusive Practicum (3)
EDU 615 – Learning and Cognition (3) *
EDU 616 – Environmental Design for Effective Inclusion (3)
EDU 621 – Inclusive Classroom Strategies I (3)
EDU 622 – Inclusive Classroom Strategies II (3)
EDU 625 – Leadership and Collaboration for Quality Inclusion (3)
EDU 632 – Data-based Decision Making (3) *

Utica College is at the forefront of educational administration programs, with the initiation of leadership programs in 2006. Options include a master’s degree in educational leadership and administration, as well as two certificates of advanced study (CAS) in the areas of school building leader and school district leader.

Content Area Electives (6 credit hours)

Choose two courses (total of 6 credit hours) in your certification content area or other area as approved by your co-adviser.

Professional Development in Education (3 credit Hours)
Choose one course

EDU 698 - Professional Development in Education: Current Issues (3)
EDU 699 - Professional Development in Education: Inquiry Project (3)



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